One Day Closer

My day was made when I found out that a picture I took and sent in to the Safety Graphic Fun blog got posted. Click here to see it. My caption that I emailed was something along the lines of “So without a hard hat you die. With a hard hat you dance like an old fogie. I mean, look at those jazz hands.” (Note: ‘jazz hands’ is a recurring joke on the Safety Graphic Fun Blog.)

My day got better when I checked and saw that I have had the most visits to my blog in a month as of yesterday. I’m still trying to break the individual day mark that I have of 43 visits in one day.

Today, my boss asked my opinion for who would win two of the Sweet Sixteen games in order to win a possibility at winning donuts. I was probably wrong. But seeing as how none of the four teams were in my bracket, I may as well just count on buying donuts if I want any.

Sadly, I’m not motivated on my book lately. Well, as of yesterday afternoon I wasn’t. But, then I kept reminding myself that I’m not the first author to send out a bunch of queries and get either no response or a negative one. So, I’m going through who I have submitted to and then see who else I can submit too. There are plenty of agents out there and I really do believe in my work.

So, with all this soppy boringness, my next two days sound pretty cool. Tonight, I’m going to the Fablehaven 5 launch party and meet Brandon Mull for the second time. Also, I hear rumor that James Dashner is going to be there as well. (And we all know my thoughts on Dashner. If not you can check out one of my many posts where he is mentioned: here, here, here, the question here, here, or here.) Tomorrow, I’m going to go to my first writing group where I get to hear J. Scott Savage speak. I’m pretty excited for that. I’m trying to convince Mary that I should join the League of Utah Writers and this meeting will convince me whether or not I still think it’s a good thing. So, I may not have an agent or be published, but each day I’m getting one day closer to achieving my dreams.

Until then, I’ll have fun getting there. Remember: Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

Oh wait, that wasn’t my motivational thought for the day, it was: Stand tall, that’s what it was supposed to be.


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  1. So glad I helped your day start off well! Thanks for sending in the picture!


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