Launch Party and Immaturity

So last night I got to go to the Fablehaven Launch Party, even though I honestly had not intended to go. And like the lame guy that I am, I did not take any pictures because I do not bring a camera anywhere. So, no pictures of anyone.

I did get to see Brandon Mull, James Dashner, and Shannon Hale. I’ve only recently heard of Shannon Hale thanks to Dashner. She did an awesome job as hostess of the event. I don’t think she put up enough of a fight when she was forced into the Quiet Box.

I’ve gotta say, nobody does a launch party like Shadow Mountain publishing. There were awesome sets on the stage, beautiful banners of the book cover, and a great show. It was pretty cool that they had people dressed up as characters from the book. (As opposed to fans dressed up as characters from the book. When I went to Borders’ release of Harry Potter 7, I was fearful for my life. Yeah, it was scary.)

I posted on my facebook that I was high on the age,  maturity, and IQ scales and low on the patience one. (I didn’t use scale in my post. I was posting from my phone and missed it.) Of course, I seemed to have dropped in the maturity spectrum of things as I thought the party was really awesome. I was cheering and screaming with all the children and teenagers (and plenty of other adults).

Sadly, I didn’t get to have my copy of the 4th Fablehaven book signed. The line was far too long. I mean when they were as disorganized as they were at seating (to the point that I had to keep my 3-year old daughter in my arms as close as possible so that we wouldn’t get trampled and block the way so a lady could get her toddler and stroller through) Yeah, this was a little too chaotic. I would’ve organized a nice line and had it more like the entrance to a movie hall. To those tramplers I have to say this: You’re lucky I didn’t start punching you out one by one. It was horrific at the lack of organizational control that those putting on the launch party. To those who put it on, I have this to say: Thank you for a great show, but please don’t expect courtesy to outweigh mass hysteria and selfishness in fans’ minds.

Mary was kind enough to buy me the second book in James Dashner’s 13th Reality series. Um, yeah, I know I was at a Fablehaven release. But honestly, leave it to me to go to one author’s big release and purchase another author’s work.

Ok, so this post may have made me look like a total dork, jerk, or otherwise bad. Oh well, don’t care.

Just remember: Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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