And Then There Were None…

So part of today’s post is going to be a book review. The other thing is going to be my awesome investigation team.

Anyway, for some reason, I’ve been really interested in reading this book that was first published about 71 years ago. I don’t know why. I’ve always loved the story (even though my first attempt at reading the book was when I was 15 and I only go to the second death.) I did read the play when I was in high school. Somehow, I had known how the original story ended (someone told it to me). And I was intrigued to learn that the play ended differently. Regardless, this past weekend has been spent in a reading frenzy. It wasn’t too difficult to read (even thought I’m not exactly done yet, I do know who did it and what’s going to happen next.) To be honest, I am at the part in the book where the inspectors are just being clueless and unintelligent. Either way, this is one of the best books in all of history. It’s the number one selling mystery novel of all time (according to wikipedia) and the number four selling fiction book of all time. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

If I had my team on the case, we’d figure it out. Who is on my team? Oh….that’s a tough one. I think if I were to have a team of investigators it would be: my three siblings. So why? (Well, this sounds like a better post than naming ten people to take to Indian Island then killing them one by one).

My sister: Well, Apryl is important because I would want someone who has a methodical thought process. She’s intelligent enough that she and I could work together to find all the possible clues.

My oldest brother: Eric is chosen for a few reasons. First, we need someone to do the grunt work. But second, which is absolutely more important than the first, he’s most likely to notice the one thing that no one else had caught. For example, he’d notice the one piece of evidence that the inspectors seemed to have failed to notice in the confusion of the Indian Island murders in the book.

My older brother: Chris is the one that I’d name as leader of the group. Why? I don’t know, he’s just in awesome capacity to do that. He’d be the one making the notations and drawing out what happened as well to help the situation.

I’m sure the four of us could have solved this case easier than the inspectors in the book. Unlike some families, I trust all three of my siblings well enough that arguments would be kept to an all-time minimum (the worst thing would be if my sister and I disagreed on something because we both know how to argue. In the end, she’d win though, I’m sure.)

So yeah, what a dumb post. Or is it? It would make sense to have a team of people that can easily work well with one another. I mean, maybe I’m wrong. But honestly, I’d be willing to be that even if I’m right on how well we’d work together, we’d still be quite comical to watch. I’m serious, we could have our own reality show (if the four of us were actual investigators and I didn’t want to puke at the sight of too much blood.)

And, as always: Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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