LDStorymakers Day 2

So here’s the second half of my report from LDStorymakers:

Bootcamp, day 2: I liked day 2 of the bootcamp a lot better than day 1. Day one, my book felt like it got reamed for being too wordy (or in author terms, too much info dump). But they were all right. I wasn’t the only one, but still, I felt kinda ‘picked on’ even though it was more my pride being hurt than anything. Day 2 I had a lot of compliments and now I have a better feeling that my writing doesn’t completely suck. Yeah!

#5: I almost went to ‘The Writing Process, panel discussion” and decided to go to “The Career Writer’s Guide to Leveraging the Web.” The three guys that taught that are awesome. Marion Jensen (aka Matthew Buckley), Howard Tayler, and Robison Wells are three of the funniest people to listen too. I have to give my vote to Howard Tayler as the funniest of the three.

#6: Sarah Eden did a class on Description and Setting. I gotta say, she is definitely in my top 10 presenters and by far one of the funniest. If I ever had a book written that got an audio version, I’d beg them to have Sarah Eden read it. This chick shouldn’t be a writer, she should be an actress on The Big Bang Theory. Either way, her presentation was awesome.

#7: Jessica Day George was sadly late to this session. She never really explained her 15-minute tardiness, but no biggie. Those in the class got to be treated to 15 minutes of Howard Tayler’s great winging-it skills. I admire his ability to have no fear of what he’s going to say next and being able to talk out of his…well….you know.

#8: Nephele Tempest gave a great presentation about synopsis writing. But it was here that I was very bitter about one of the critiques from the writing contest. I was given an 8 out of 40 from one heartless person. I really think that this person just didn’t like that the word ‘whore’ was in my entry and was too prim or proper to accept that as a word usable by an LDS person. So I’ve surmised who this person is and decided to move on (even though this person was anonymous). Anyway, Nephele, an agent with The Knight Agency (or whatever it’s name is), did a wonderful job explaining how a synopsis ‘should’ be written.

#9: And finally, I went to the ‘we didn’t feel like preparing anything and decided just to have you ask us questions’ presentation by James Dashner and J. Scott Savage. As always, it was awesome though. And there’s one thing that I was reminded of (because I’ve heard it before from one or both of them) that I’ve needed to remember. Patience.

Well, that’s it from the LDStorymakers. It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to go again. Nothing better than meeting other writers.


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  1. Hey TJ! I saw your comment that David J. West was helpful with your first chapter. He’s a great friend of mine and I agree–his insights are invaluable. Glad you got to go to Storymakers. I had a great time, too!!

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