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Things About the Conference I Haven’t Stated

Yep, I’m still going to be talking about this conference. I’m sure my new friend Tamara still is. Actually, based off the group we both joined this weekend, I know she is. Anyway, there are some things that were so great about this conference that they’re going to stand alone here. Well, together/alone, but whatever. (If I started making sense, wouldn’t you be worried?)

1. Mary, my wife for those who don’t know, joined me for the LDStorymakers Friday dinner. Before that point, she walked around the ‘bookstore’ with me. In the bookstore was Dan Wells’ now famous t-shirt with his title’s words “I Am Not a Serial Killer” on it. I picked it up to show my wife because I really want one of those shirts. Her response: “You can’t pull that off.” Yeah, she’s right. Very funny comment though, to me.

2. My bootcamp group had 5 authors and 1 guru (I think he was called a ‘sergeant’ and he referred to himself as a ‘moderator’). The other four authors had wonderful writing. I have to say that I really hope I get to read what each of those four wrote all the way through. Topping the list is Graham’s book. It appealed to me the most (maybe because he mixes covert operations with ghosts, and that’s an awesome combo.) I’d say Julie’s story is second, but she’s actually fourth since she’s not done with it yet. Tamara’s takes second because I actually want to do a retelling of the same fairy tale. Deirdra’s story appealed to me the least. But she still had a well-written story that I want to read. She’s an awesome author and I’m excited for her having received a request from Nephele Tempest, a hilarious agent. I know I talked about bootcamp, but these people were that awesome. (I didn’t say Kirk’s name, as our guru, but that’s who it was. Kirk is awesome and a fellow Eagle Mountain-eer?)

3. At LTUE, I met Lisa Mangum. She reminds me of a good combination of about 2 different people. I swear, she’s related to one of them. Either way, I got to see her after the last breakout session (well, I saw her other times, but didn’t get to talk to her.) She was stuck in line and had nothing to do. So I got to talk to her and show her the two blurbs I wrote for my books. Well, she loved one of them. She didn’t ask for a partial or anything, but if she liked the blurb, she’s recognized me, now I need to finish that book and submit it to her. Maybe she’ll be interested enough…..we’ll see. But at least I got her attention.

4. It’s worth mentioning again: Howard Tayler’s job of winging it (aka, b.s.-ing his way) through the first 15 or so minutes of Jessica Day George’s Worldbuilding presentation was awesome. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe it (except Howard Tayler seemed to love that word in his blog today.) I know I can b.s. pretty good when it comes to presentations and such, but Howard Tayler is the one I worship in this case. If I could do half as good as he does, I’d be an author by now. πŸ™‚

5. Sarah Eden read two great works. Funny enough, they were both written by her just for the conference and they were both had me laughing. The first was “I Am Not a Cereal Killer,” a mocking, in a way, of Wells’ book. It was hilarious. Then there was the ‘what’s wrong with this” example for the class on description and setting. It featured two guys in the gym talking about not having to buy new clothes because their biceps and butts were too big and noticing that the walls were periwinkle. The only thing missing was ‘in a San Francisco gym’. If it had that in there, the story would’ve made sense. But she reads so well. Shoot, if my book ever needed a reader for the audio version, I’d nominate her in a heartbeat.

6. I did not win the chapter contest. I received some ill-written remarks on my works. Regardless, I gained a lot of self-confidence somehow. My new friend Julie Daines won (well, she may not be my new friend, but at least I know I can address her as Julie). Regardless, Julie is awesome. She’s got this “I’m your typical mom” manner about her. But judging from the skull pencils and the skulls on her iPhone, there’s something I’m missing to her attitude. Shoot, she even hit my arm like any of my normal friends would after she thought I missed her victory. So yeah, I’m missing something.

7. I got to meet David West. The guy is really awesome. He actually started twittering me on Friday and we had an awesome twitter conversation as well as actually meeting up on Saturday. Funny thing, he knew Tamara as well. I don’t know that he and Tamara know that I know both of them, and I doubt either care. But it was pretty random at how small this world is.

8. I actually walked out of a lecture. Did I say that from the day one stuff? I felt bad. I think it would’ve benefited me to go to the one that I felt was more useful to me. I just couldn’t handle the presentation any more at one point. The person giving it gave me very little info. And ironically enough, I overheard someone that was working at LDStorymakers say to someone else there “(So-and-so) did great during (his/her) presentation.” My first thought was: “If (so-and-so) did so great, why did 20% of the class walk out on (him/her).” I’m sure this person that I’m ragging on is respectable. However, I found their presentation boring and repetitive. Good thing the one I was asked to provide feedback on was Aprilynne Pike’s presentation (which was awesome). Whoops! Just narrowed it down one.

9. Because of Howard Tayler’s winging-it (see #4), I only sat in on two classes where the instructor had been one I’d already listened to. Yeah, it was a different class than the original, but it was nice to have such a well-rounded group of instructors that I heard. J. Scott Savage (who is an awesome presenter) did the ‘we’re just going to be lazy and wing-it’ presentation with James Dashner. So, because Savage and Tayler talked for only half the time (sorry James, you did talk more than Savage), I felt like I listened to a well-rounded group of authors. And to think I almost missed Tayler’s winging it followed by an awesome ‘catch-my-breath-while-I-figure-out-where-to-go-from-here’ presentation by Jessica Day George.

10. I had a few snippet conversations with James Dashner. Come on, like I’m not going to? I still need to buy The Maze Runner (I’ve read it at least) along with the 3rd book in his 13th Reality series (still need to finish reading the second one). But I was glad to have facial recognition and actually he addressed me by name after his ‘winging-it’ presentation. Yep, I’ve successfully bugged him enough to know my name! Yes! (Poor Dashner).


Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


2 Responses

  1. Great recounting. I’d love to know who taught the class you and 20% walked out on. For research of course….so long as it wasn’t mine. If it was mine I would prefer you ignored this completely πŸ™‚

    Glad you had a good time and I really loved your survivor, even if I may have gotten a little to heated πŸ™‚

    If you feel like divulging the class my e-mail is kilpack at gmail.com

  2. I’m glad you had a great time at the conference.

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