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I’m Sure It’s Over (aka My Sister’s Awesome)

Before I begin this post, I must bow my head and give a moment of silence (and hope Elana joins me in this act) as last night saw one of my favorite Survivors, Amanda Kimmel, finally get her torch snuffed after playing the game for over 100 days. She holds the record (until Parvati and her flirtatious mind, two separate people IMO, surpass it.) My favorite part was that my daughter knows who Amanda Kimmel is and when she saw her in the episode she said “Daddy, it’s Amanda!” How cute.

Ok, my mourning will continue later…

Back to me. I’m sure many people enjoyed reading the ‘Survivor: LDS Authors’ post from Wednesday. It was the ‘buzzing’ thing for the LDS-writing culture for a couple of days. If I could come up with awesome posts like that continuously, I don’t know how much more popular I’d be. Because one person thought it was awesome, it got a lot of attention. Because another person liked it, it got some more attention.

To be honest, I was really excited to see all the views and all the comments. But this doesn’t mean I’m famous. This doesn’t mean I’m going to be published.  The benefit that I feel that I may have received from this post was being able to go up to someone and say “Hi, I’m the guy that wrote Survivor: LDS Authors.” And some people will probably say “Cool” and move away from me thinking “Wow! That guy’s a total bozo!” Some people may want to chat and actually get to know the dork behind the idea. But really, as I said in my previous post, I wrote to entertain me.

I’m really curious to know what people expect from my blog. If you’re new here, I mostly write my opinions about different things: whether it’s Survivor, writers conferences, football, basketball, or something completely random like alien abductions. My blog occasionally mentions an author or two (mostly James Dashner for whatever weird reason that I still don’t understand.) So I don’t know what you’re expecting but I do hope to be random and entertaining.

Today is my awesome sister’s birthday. And in honor of her I’m going to do a list of Ten Things I Learned From My Awesome Sister.

10. Education first: My sister started her college degree later than normal people. Of course, my sister is advanced from normal. No, she’s not abnormal….Anyway, I’m off topic. Well, my sister did what she could to make sure that her brothers at least got a Bachelor’s degree. All three of us have completed those degrees and all three of her sister-in-laws have a degree of some sort.

9. Sticking your tongue out at cops is fun: When I was six, I was at the mall with my older brother and my sister. She told us to stick our tongues out at the cops. Don’t know why….but I’ve always remembered it.

8. Some people are number one and some people think they are: Those that truly are #1 use their index finger. Those who think they are use the one next to it.

7. Despite how horrible L.A. traffic is, at least the people know how to drive: For some reason, we always end up on discussions of horrible drivers. The slowness of Florida drivers, the rudeness of Utah drivers, etc. But we always seem to have the impression that CA drivers are at least courteous. They’re stuck in traffic with you. They’re not going anywhere. Patience on the freeway gets you there faster. Impatience on the free gets Fox 11 News choppers covering your accident.

6. If you let other people define you, then you’re going to be confused with a mirror: But if you define yourself first, you’re less likely to look like and act like a moron. Don’t let others define you. Be you. That’s the best person you can be.

5. If you’re going to do something random, do it in style: Getting married in Vegas is random. Getting married in a drive through takes style. That is all there is to it.

4. Women can like and play sports: I do not know a bigger fan of sports in general. This woman loves golf, surfing, football, baseball, basketball…maybe hockey. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

3. Football is awesome: Is there anything that I need to add to this…..for those foreigners….American Football is awesome (and there still needs to be a team in L.A.)

2. I’m worth something: Yeah, I’m skeptical about my writing. I’m skeptical about a few things. But you know what, I’m still me and that’s still good enough.

1. Tell it like it is: My sister doesn’t hold back. Ok, so out of all the other things on this list, this is the biggest truth. (Wait, were there any lies?) My sister has no problem telling everyone her opinion. Just ask every member in my family. And every person who knows her. Shoot, just ask her, she’ll tell you. I feel like I tell it like it is a lot. But I probably only do it 40% as often as she does. Why lie and hide? Is it going to do you good? (This is why she would get voted off first on Survivor, and the same reason she would win.)

There you have it. In honor of my sister’s adfjalkfjdfj-th birthday…well….I’d go golfing, but Utah ordered snow.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


2 Responses

  1. This is so sweet that I can hardly stand it. Thanks Eem, this is a fabulous gift!

    Oh, and #9 is so true!

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