So, this memory/random post is in response to Josi Kilpack’s post about hugging. (And a quick plug for Josi, I’ve never read her books, but based off their yummy titles and her comments to the Survivor LDS Author post, I am intrigued enough to read her mystery books. I’m probably one of few guys to say that. So go check out Josi Kilpack’s books Lemon Tart, English Trifle, and Devil’s Food Cake. You can get them at and I think sells them as well.)

I don’t know why, but throughout my life, I’ve been very comfortable hugging other people. It doesn’t bother me. My dad and brothers have all hugged me and each other. It’s not a ‘less-than-manly’ thing to do. I mean, Super Bowl winners smack guys on the butt or give them hugs. Why can’t normal people? (Because, let’s face it: the day I win the Super Bowl as a football player is the day Satan starts wearing a ski jacket while holding a shotgun aimed at flying pigs.)

Anyway, this story comes from my college days. For my first year at Utah State University, my apartment was connected through a stairway to a girls’ apartment. During my first semester in this apartment, I had become good friends with these girls. Now, on the flipside, for these three, there were guys that had no tact when talking to girls. Three of these tactless guys were in the girls apartment. Now, these girls were so nice that they didn’t mind the guys there, but didn’t want them there to begin with.

I had just returned from class or the store or something and I went to say hi to the girls, since none of my roommates were home. Well, April (the one from “Popcorn Can’t Write“) greeted me with a big hug. That was pretty cool. Then Necia walked into the kitchen and gave me a hug. A moment later either Stefanie or Olivia did the same thing. So in about two minutes upon arriving at the girls apartment, I received three hugs.

Well, one of the guys asked the obvious question “Why does T.J. get hugged when he walks in?” The ego-building answer that April or Necia gave (sorry, my memory doesn’t serve perfectly) was “Because the world revolves around T.J.” Funny enough, the other two girls agreed to this. “Well, my day got better,” I replied.

The real answer, that I know was in these girls’ minds, was “T.J.’s not here to flirt with us endlessly in some hope that we’ll eventually go out with him. He’s here to hang out and be normal and cool.” (Ok, that last sentence may not be accurate, but I’m 99.99% certain that the first sentence was.

Anyway, this seemed like a random and fun post to do.

How much do hugs make your life better?

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