My New Formula For Everything

(I didn’t blog yesterday. I wanted to express to everyone that I was very happy with who won Survivor. I actually was rooting for her from the beginning as one of my top five favorite returnees.)

So Mary’s grandfather, before he passed, dealt with Parkinson’s and dementia. Because of his vast knowledge of engineering and other things, he had some problems with…well…let’s say stubbornness. His stubbornness was the worst when it came to AutoCad (or however it is spelled). He thought AutoCad was the cure all for every computer program. For every life problem at that. Sadly, his dementia never let those around him convince him otherwise. But AutoCad was king in his mind and there was no changing it.

Well, I’ve come up with my cure all for accomplishing goals (and I’m sure someone out there has a better formula). In order to achieve a goal, you have to define a goal. That’s the first step. Then, you have to discipline yourself into following through. Discipline is the more difficult part of the goal. But my random formula that I came up with recently that may not make sense is this: GOAL + DISCIPLINE = SUCCESS. Well, I thought about that and decided to look at it differently: GOAL + DISCIPLINE = ACHIEVEMENT.

One of my goals recently has been to write at least 2,000 words a day Mon-Sat. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Especially when you change it to 2,000 useful/publishable-ish words a day. I mean, I can sit there and write “the the the the the the the” until I reach two thousand. But what moron would dare buy that? I’m sure there are plenty of books where “the” is used two thousand times or more. But it’s not used consecutively. I thought up this goal on Saturday during the writers workshop I attended. There are a lot of other goals in writing that I wish to achieve, which are: SHOW not tell, Stray from Point of View shifts, don’t overdo details, and quit worrying about things that aren’t there yet.

I did express other goals that I’ve had recently in a blog post. So far, I’ve finished Fablehaven 5 (thank goodness that’s done with.) I’m more than halfway through I Am Not a Serial Killer (which I’ve been recommending to everyone.) If I can finish it soon, I’ll be well ahead of my goal. I am almost close to the halfway point of the second 13th Reality book. After all those, I may actually give Wings by Aprilynne Pike a try. I know it’s more along the lines of Twilight, but I never refused to read Aprilynne Pike.

And, in all honesty, I’m trying to come up with a storyline where I can use the first half of this phrase as my title:

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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