I aspire. Not to be confused with perspire, which is a completely different subject that can either motivate or disgust, depending on the direction I take it. But yeah, I aspire. Is that a bad thing? Sometimes it can be. Some aspirations lead to let downs and depressions.

Let’s see…I’m going to talk about three of my aspirations and well call them the Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent. I’m not sure what an ugly aspiration would be…maybe if I aspired to be a male stripper, that’d be pretty ugly. But I don’t, thank goodness for the world.

The Bad: One of my most prideful aspirations is to be in a leadership position in my church. For those who don’t know much about the LDS faith, we believe that our leaders are called of God, we do not pay our leaders as we feel that freely serving God and our church is a blessing in and of itself. Oh, I don’t want to be the Prophet, but I wouldn’t mind a leadership calling in a ward. But when I really think about it. I ask myself, why do I want to do that. Well, it’s because I want the spotlight and the attention that comes with it. Whereas the more humble people who have held such positions that I know do so wishing to be away from that attention. I know the one time I had any type of leadership, when I was 13, it went to my head a little. I was lazy in the position and did not do everything that I should have. Sometimes, I’d hope that the 13-year old me has grown up and grown past that planet look-at-me stage. But then…well…I just think I’d let these type of things go to my head.

The Indifferent: I aspire to go on a reality show. I’d gladly go with my sister on The Amazing Race. If I could prove how entertaining I can be, I’d be on the next Survivor. If I can show how much attitude I have, I’d be in the Big Brother House. If Donald Trump would permit me, I’d be on The Apprentice. And if I was famous, I’d go on Dancing with the Stars in a heartbeat. Would I win? Absolutely. Duh! (Ok, maybe that’s not the right thought, but my sister and I know we’d win The Amazing Race.)

The Good: I want to be a published author. Stephenie Meyer (yeah, I’m kinda quoting her, but HELLO, she is a famous author whether you love or hate her) once said that there are three types of authors (and maybe she stole it from someone else, but whatever): Those who write for themselves (aka for fun), those who write for other (aka to entertain), and those who write to be published (aka to gain money.) Well, in all honesty, I am all three of these writers. I do write just because I like being creative and I enjoy getting those juices flowing. I like having people read my stories and enjoy them. I think that’s almost the most important thing to me, to know that someone is enjoying my book. And one day, I wish to be able to go on book tours, visit schools, speak at conferences/workshops/etc. as a published author and not have the financial worry that would currently befall me. (Did I use befall right? I didn’t even know it was a word until I randomly typed it.)

There you have it: The Good, the bad, and the indifferent. Well, it’s more like the bad, the indifferent, and the good, but you get the picture. Until next time…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. I think right now you are aspiring to perspire. 😉

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