If It Were My Way

Yesterday, I talked about how crazy my mind can work. Somehow, my brain started thinking something random and I decided that I’d blog it.

Today (which should be Friday, 5/28) my interview is posted at Sarah M. Eden’s I Need Friends Friday blog.

Anyway, so, my random idea that generated this blog: If It Were My Way. What is the “It” I’m referring to. The “It” is if I had my own podcast about writing like the awesomely done Writing Excuses, who would I want to join me and what would it be called.

Well, first, I’ll start with the what would it be called. I’d call it: Write Right. That’s the coolest lame-filled name you’ve ever seen. But you can’t take it. I have it here first. (Unless someone cooler than me thought of it earlier, but not likely. No one’s that cool.) Write Right would be similar to Writing Excuses where it’d be fifteen(-ish) minutes long. But, we’d be even funnier to listen to (yeah, like that’s really possible.) So, instead of Brandon, Howard, and Dan who would I want to join me on this show? (Oh, I’m definitely on it. I just won’t listen to it since I stated in my previous post that I can’t stand my voice.) Also, we’d be different from Writing Excuses because we wouldn’t all be D&D/Magic/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comics/Horror-obsessed. Well, I would in a way, but just me maybe.

And to make it fun, this’ll be a Top 10. Not a countdown, just a set of ten people and why I’d want them to co-host it with me.

1. Robison Wells: Who better to be on the show than Dan’s brother? Well, me of course, but I’m not that arrogant to say it. Anyway, I think Rob is pretty funny (just follow him on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean.) Rob has the right amount of seriousness and humor to make the show good. Plus, we’ll do it just after he downed two or three Dr. Peppers/Diet Cokes and taken his Lortab.

2. Sarah M. Eden: How can I not suggest her? She’s small enough to be able to use the microphone to make her voice seem loud and booming. But honestly, she’s so funny. And you know what, listening/reading the Tweets that go back and forth between her and Rob make my days so much brighter. You know what, I don’t even need to be on the show. I’ll just hand them topics to talk about and they can argue about them like a Bulldog and a Yorkshire Terrier. Plus, I had the best time being interviewed by Sarah. She’d handle our interview segments for sure.

3. Marion Jensen: Anyone with a website called “Chickens Don’t Have Armpits” and a book called “Chickens in the Headlights” deserves a spot on this list. Plus, he lives in Logan. How can anyone who lives near Utah State University not be awesome? Go Aggies! Marion’s got this dry voice that makes him even funnier, no offense dude.

4. Josi Kilpack: After her hilarious comments on the Survivor: LDS Authors blog, I’d certainly have sparring matches with her. Or listen to her and Sarah talk like two teenage girls fighting over the quarterback. How they wouldn’t be funny baffles me. Josi and Rob could do great arguments as well.

5. Annette Lyon: Besides the fact that I’m sure she’d bring chocolate to shove in everyone’s mouth so she can talk, I don’t know anyone who is a bigger word nerd than Annette. Nope, even now, I can’t think of one. Annette’s also got the fun bubbly personality of the English teacher you always wanted but never had.

6. Graham Bradley: If he’s reading this blog, he’s probably thinking “Dude, you’re so stupid.” But in all honesty, Graham’s a great writer and knows his stuff. I listened to the advice he gave me and everyone else in our boot camp and thought “Wow, this dude knows what he’s talking about.” And you know what, he hasn’t proven it wrong. Yeah, he’s not published, but the guy is worth listening to…Well, unless you want to talk about basketball. Not rooting for the Lakers? For shame!

7. Kirk Shaw: (I don’t know if Kirk has a personal site, so I’m sending you to his ‘work’ website.) Well, who better than to have an editor on the show? Yeah, Kirk works as an editor for what is technically a small-press. But at the same time, Kirk seems to know the…what is it…MLA…Chicago…?….whatever it is, very well. He’d throw in a technical side that the ‘show’ could use.

8. Lisa Mangum: Part-author, part-editor, part-superhero (no wait, one of those may not be true.) Lisa is one of my favorite people to talk to at all the writers conferences I’ve been to. She also has a personality that reminds me of a couple of friends of mine from high school and such. Lisa’s only problem is that she’s too tall. (Or is my problem that I’m too short?) Oo….put her and Sarah Eden together. Now that’s something.

9. Elana Johnson: I don’t think I’ve heard of the word “awesomesauce” before hearing Elana use it like a million times between her blogs and authors group emails….nope…can’t recall its usage. Regardless, Elana is a good example of how to let you shine through in your work. (Plus, her characters swear. Why that’s important, I don’t know.)

10. Clint Johnson: One reason for Clint’s addition is he maintains a no-holds-barred attitude that Howard Tayler has. And I say that in the nicest way possible. If it’s not taken nice than it was totally taken out of context. I hold the same respect for both these guys. Clint is just an awesome teacher. His writing prompts are awesome. And he teaches in a way that can make anyone want to be a writer.

Honorable Mentions: Heather B. Moore (for her truly intelligent look at writing), Bree Despain, Jannette Rallison, Stephanie Black, David J. West, Brandon Mull (who’s not in the ten for the sole fact that he’s too busy), James Dashner (see Brandon Mull), Jeffrey S. Savage (take Dashner’s reason and subtract about 15% from it), and other people whose names slip me at the moment. Yes, I did not put my hero Dashner in the ten. I’m sure he’s not worried (except to get that restraining order in process.) But I’m sure we’d definitely have these people as guests.

Now I know you were all wondering: If T.J. had a podcast-show, who would his co-hosts be. I’m sure of it. And now that I’ve answered it here’s the question I’ll pose to you: If you chose three authors not already doing podcasts, who would you choose? They don’t have to be LDS based authors like mine here. (These ten were chosen mostly because of proximity.) While you think of your answers, please remember that…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. LOVE it! (Especially the bit about the bulldog and the Yorkshire terrier–VERY accurate, that.) 😀

  2. I’m number one! In your face, everyone else!

  3. I like that Rob and I are going in as rivals. ‘Cause I could totally take him down! Whaaaat?!

  4. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride . . . 🙂

    You have awesome show ideas.

    • You’ll be on one of my fake shows…you’ve missed this one for being in California. We’ll have you on as a guest though.

  5. I went to Sarah’s class at storymakers purely cuz she’s hilarious…and knows her stuff. 🙂 going to your interview next…

  6. Are you saying I use awesomesauce too much? I think that’s what you’re saying. I would totally ruin the podcast though — have you heard my voice on a digital voice recorder? Not. Pretty. In fact, it’s what you’d call AWFULSAUCE.


  7. Oh sure. 750 measly miles get in the way and you’re all “missed again.” I’m going to ice cream with Janette.

    Truth is, I’d be horrible on a podcast.

  8. hahaha awesome post! love your list 😀

    and great interview, by the way!!

  9. Oo, love the humor! that would definitley be something I’d have to listen to!

  10. Honorary mention gets an honorary comment.

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