Chapter 10 (Escaping Life)

Why is today’s post called simply “Chapter 10”? Well, that’s because, in the writing world that I live in, chapter 10 is my current nemesis. It’s like writer’s block has clogged my brain to even let me think about this chapter. I’ve got 9 beautifully written chapters (plus a prologue and I really don’t care for those with anti-prologue opinions). So, in honor of my enemy chapter 10, I’m going to do a Top 10.

Today’s Topic: Top 10 Movies That Help Me Escape Life (aka, my top 10 favorite movies):

10. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: What other movie is there for a little kid to escape? Not the new one. No, that movie’s bleh. Yes, it does do a better job sticking to the book, however, I DON’T COMPARE BOOKS TO MOVIES! They’re not the same thing. A book is usually one ‘artist’s’ idea. A movie is a combination of a scriptwriter (or twelve), a producer, a director, and a group of actors. There’s no way you can compare the two. And after I went on a date to see HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I will never compare a book to a movie again. Regardless, this is a movie that has every child’s dream of living in a chocolate factory come true. Not only that, but Charlie Bucket (not Boo-kay) learns that he has been doing the correct thing with his life. Charlie’s humble while his four tour companions are gluttonous, prideful, greedy, and slothful (if I recall, aren’t those some of the deadly sins?)

9. Mr. Deeds: The one and only Adam Sandler movie I actually really like. I can take or leave his other movies (mostly leave.) But this one is just so funny. It’s got one of my all-time favorite lines that I used to love repeating: “I’m sorry, all I heard was, ‘blah, blah, blah, I’m a dirty tramp.'” How can you not love this movie?

8. The Princess Bride: You can read my favorite chick flick list here where Inigo, Wesley, and Buttercup rest at number one. Yeah, my wife hates this movie, so I don’t get to watch it very much. But it is just a great story. I don’t think I can say that enough.

7. Ocean’s 11: What a great cast, great concept, great ending. Is there anything else I need to say about this? I don’t think so.

6. Return of the Jedi: Really, by far, my favorite Star Wars movie. In order of episode numbers: 6, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3 (if you include 1-3). Jabba the Hut, Ewoks, Leia in a gold bikini, Darth Vader basically dropping the first part of his name (you realize that Darth Vader is using two foreign languages to say Dark Father, right?) I do like Star Wars, I am that nerdy, but…

5. Star Trek: First Contact: The best Star Trek: The Next Generation movie…by far. By very far. The Borg in this movie are awesome. The characters are well-done. Picard has a minor love interest in the honest Lily (played fantastically by Alfre Woodard.) It’s just a great movie. Star Trek is my favorite “Star” series. Which brings me to…

4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock meet 1986 San Francisco. From a Russian asking about “nuclear wessels” (not misspelled if you’ve seen it) to Kirk claiming Spock had a little too much LDS in the 60s to Scotty picking up a mouse and saying “Hello, Computer” this movie is a pure classic. (FYI, not a Kahn fan.) The whales are awesome. Plus, the all around culture shock in the movie is really well-done. It’s a great story as it rounded out the Star Trek trilogy with its completely different story.

3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: This ranks number three for some obviousness: Sean Connery. Yeah, Harrison Ford is every (wo)man’s generic hero. Big deal. It’s the comedy, the action, and the fact that some annoying chick falls down a hole, presumably to Hell, that makes it such a great movie. I used to fall asleep to this movie as I went to bed. Some how, Indy relaxed me. Of course, each time Sean Connery got shot, I’d wake up from the dead silence that ensued, watch the last fifteen minutes of the movie, and turn it off.

2: A Muppets Christmas Carol: Two things that I loved a lot as a kid: Muppets and Christmas. What happens when you put them together? Pure awesomeness. Yeah, this is a kid movie. But the story of Ebenezer Scrooge is a timeless tale of letting go of greed and pride. Sure, he lets in a possibility of a world of hurt, but it’s much worse when you realize that your the person hurting them. And you know, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo make this story so much better. In all honesty, this is my 2nd favorite movie.

1. The Italian Job: I guess this was a ‘remake’ with a completely different script. Regardless, The Italian Job (starring Mark Wahlberg) has been my all-time favorite movie since 2007. Yeah, the movie was already a few years old by that point. Yeah, I’d already seen the movie a few times up to that point. But on this random day in May in 2007 I had an appointment to see my dentist. They offered me to be able to watch a movie while I was stuck in the chair. I thought it weird since I was only getting two fillings. Well, I chose The Italian Job. Nothing else stood out to me. Then, the hygienist offered me nitrous oxide. And you know what, the movie was that much better. After that point, it’s one of my favorites to watch.

There you have it. Ten great movies. Anything up there that you read and thought “I’ve got to watch that again”? There were about ten that I want to watch again now.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. […] That’s my biggest problem with these companies. Amazon seems to have the most competition since there are multiple companies that you can shop online at. You can get a Kindle from Amazon or a Nook from B&N or a Kobo from Borders or a Sony eReader and now the Super-Overlord Apple’s iPad. I like competition. Competition is healthy for a good economy. I try to steer clear from political and mostly religious stuff. But this time is an exception. Also, I love the word Overlord. Anyway, I believe the recession is partially to be blamed by companies killing the competition. Yeah, you don’t want a…well…not a monopoly…an oligarchy. (I can’t believe I recalled that term from Econ 2010. Click the word for its definition.) Anyway, I’d prefer an oligarchy for businesses (I truly believe that the auto industry is a pseudo-oligarchy and I believe it works generally ok because it’s got a healthy competition.) Anyway, this is my belief, thought, feeling, whatever. Yeah, you can say I’m wrong, but what you really ought to say is “I disagree with your opinion because…” Flat out saying “You’re wrong…” is followed by me hearing you see “blah, blah, blah, I’m a dirty tramp.” […]

  2. Wanka and the Oompa Loompas are creeptacular.

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