Deathday Letters

In response to Shaun Hutchinson’s recent blog post concerning his upcoming book Deathday Letters, I have decided to enter this contest (free books are always awesome. Haven’t won one yet, but still.) So, I’m going to do as many of the 8 things that are on his site to enter for a copy of this book.  I have already changed my twitter badge to a Deathday Letter one. I think it looks kinda cool and creepy.

The second option was to state what I would do if I got a deathday letter in my blog post. (A deathday letter informs its recipient that you are going to die in 24 hours.) In all honesty, it’d suck, but at the same time I would go out quietly. I’d probably spend an hour on the phone with my dad, and a half hour on the phone each with my 2 brothers, my sister, and my favorite cousin. I may call one or two more friends and talk to them for a combined half hour. After that, I would spend the time with my wife and kids. I really wouldn’t care to see anyone else. Yeah, I’d love to say goodbye to everyone, but these are the most important people in my life. The thought of not being with my wife, daughter, and son would be horrible and I’d be spending every moment with them that I could. Maybe we’d go swimming (if it was warm enough.) Maybe we’d go on a walk. Maybe we’d go on a drive. But I’d rather spend the time with them than go skydiving or bungee jumping or something. Ok, so this is a depressing thought and I’m going to move away from it. But before that, enjoy this lovely deathday letter postcard for those on the Titanic (since I hate a certain late-90s movie by the same name.)

In other book news: I finally finished reading James Dashner’s second “13th Reality” book (at 3 this morning when my son didn’t want to sleep.) Next on my list is to finish Robison Wells’ “On Second Thought”. After that is either Jim C. Hines’ “The Stepsister Scheme” or David J. West’s “Heroes of the Fallen.” Sadly, I’m going to keep pushing Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn” back until I’m ready to read a 600 page book. (Too much ADHD makes it hard to read.) I also have a lot of other books that I need to read since my wife hates me owning books that I haven’t read. (I gotta admit, it is kinda annoying.)

In my writing news: I’ve found some awesome people to join a critique group with me, including my twitter buddies David J. West and Andrea Pearson. Twitter buddy Daron Fraley thinks he’s too good to join us. Kidding. Daron already has a critique group…or so he says. We have one more member joining us. I’m actually really excited to start this group (and prepare what fattening dessert to bring.) Also, I finished that dastardly chapter ten on Saturday night. I was actually really pleased with the way it worked. We’ll see what happens when I get that far in my critique group.

And until then…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. I have a critique group. I really do. And it’s local. In my neighborhood even. Don’t have to travel.

    Invent the teleporter and we’ll all come crash yours.

  2. You should nix the drive – can’t hold your kiddos in a moving car and I’m sure you’d want to hold them. *GASP* What if it was being in the car that did you in? Or drowning in the pool?? Wait…now I’ve just crossed over into Final Destination.

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