Queen Maggie or That’s a Golf Shot

I couldn’t decide what to title today’s blog post. I like them both. I’m going to start with the second one (Maggie may be upset if I actually put her name in the title second, but the order of events calls for ‘golf’ first.) Before I get there, let’s go with the general what happened. My good friend Kimmy got married last Saturday in our hometown. It’d been four years since I’d seen her last. My wife was pregnant with our oldest the last time I was there. So, my wife, our kids, and I packed into the car Wednesday for a nice long drive to Vegas followed by a drive to my good ol’ hometown in So Cal.

So, my awesome sister booked us nine holes at the Buenaventura Golf Course. And let me tell you, it was a beautiful course. Let me tell you this, we both suck. Of course, my level of suckage outweighs hers any day. (I’m the best worst golfer.) Regardless, we had a lot of fun making fun of each other. I gotta say, though, she’s got an awesome set of clubs. Well, a couple of sets. But that’s not important. (I really want her pitching wedge.)

Then we got to hole 7. I got up there after having 6 crappy opening drives, including 50 yards (probably less) into water. I tried to remember everything that my 3-class instructor taught me about driving. I took a deep breath and swung. And I watched it go.

That ball is about 5 or 6 feet from the hole. I hit the ball 184+ yards. (It rolled about 2 feet past the hole.) Yeah, the airtime had it drop well before the hole, but if I was standing a few feet back from where i hit from, it would’ve definitely rolled in. Look at that. I think it’s so beautiful. My sister had an awesome drive a few moments later, but look at that. I hit the ball 184 yards. I cannot believe it. It was a perfect swing. I can go on and on, but I’m going to go on to the other half of my topic.

The other event to happen was my friend’s wedding. Friday night, I was honored with the invitation of going to the family dinner where family and wedding party only were invited. I was told “How can I not invite my ‘brother’ to the dinner?” Yeah, Kimmy’s not a blood relative, but she and I have plenty of practice of being a sister and brother to one another. So I was absolutely honored to attend that.

One of the highlights of that was being able to catch up with my friend Maggie. I’ve known Maggie since high school, but I’d heard of her from Kimmy since they were in elementary school together. Well, Maggie and Kimmy were in a French class together their Freshman year of high school, I was the TA. Maggie also dated one of my good friends for a while. Either way, the random friendship that Maggie and I have always had seemed to pick up right where it left off ten years ago when I graduated high school.

But the coolest thing I learned about Maggie (other than her awesome pirate ship tattoo and amethyst engagement ring) was her MFA (I think those are the letters) in writing that she’s going for. After years of knowing her. Years of having the most random, off-the-wall conversations with her, I finally learned the one thing that made Maggie and I always click as friends. We’re both AWESOME and want to be writers. Even better, I received Maggie’s approval of my wife. Not that I needed it, but you know, it’s nice to know when your friends approve of your spouse. Can’t deny that.

During the wedding, Maggie was busy being a bridesmaid. But my wife and I got to sit with Nick. Nick and I have never been close friends. He and I did have fun together during my senior year in our drama class doing a skit. My biggest mistake of the wedding was revealing to Nick that I am afraid of heights. I even explained my fear of ski lifts after last Summer’s escapade up Solitude. Yeah, that was fun. Obviously, Nick took my acrophobia as a challenge to rid me of it. His plan is to visit Utah next winter and force me to snowboard with him. Yeah, like that’s really going to happen. But the threat is scary. Very scary. Extremely scary.

You know the worst part of my vacation? I didn’t get a single word written in my book. WTC is up with that? Oh wait, I had a fun, relaxing vacation. That’s right. 🙂


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