Writing for Charity

This almost seems like a step up for the unpublished author based of the title alone. But in all honesty “Writing for Charity” is an awesome event. I first heard about it at Shannon Hale’s blog, followed by Jeff Savage posting it on the Six LDS Authors and a Frog blog (honestly, why does that dang frog rarely blog?)

What is this event? Check out the site. Ok, I’ll give a quick and dirty details. (That sounded too awesome to pass up saying.)

There will be aspiring authors (my kind of weird) asking a bunch of questions to authors.

Then there’s an author/illustrator panel.

Then you get the first page of your book critiqued by a published author. (We all know who I’d request. If not, standby.)

Then there are book signings. Yay! I can finally get Fablehaven 4 signed. I only own 1 and 4. Oo, and The Candy Shop Wars (which I need to read still.)

And then there’s an ‘extravaganza’ at the event.

So, honestly, I need to make sure I buy either 13th Reality book 3 or The Maze Runner since James Dashner is supposed to be in attendance and I hate going to events where he’s there and not have a book for him to sign. (Granted, I’ve gone to 2 that I didn’t have him sign anything. But that’s ok.) I mean, duh, I’m like his most annoying fan. (And yes, that was said in my best So Cal Valley Girl voice. Believe me, I’m good at mocking Valley Girl accent. When you live there growing up, it’s like easy.)

But in all seriousness, the site states that an undetermined number of authors will be there. I did see it stated that Mull, Dashner, and Bree Despain will be there. I kinda assume Jeff Savage will be there (who bleeds awesomeness as well.)

Oh, and I have one more event that I want to advertise for.

This Saturday the awesome authors from Writing Excuses will be doing live podcasts as well as signing and reading. Dan Wells posted it here. Yeah, that’s always awesome. But the best part of this event is it’ll take about five minutes to walk there. Yep, I don’t have to worry about parking from the hordes of people going to the event. I get to just walk over there and not worry about it. Go me!

Plus, rumor has it that the 2nd Annual Book Academy – Writers Conference will be September 30th. I went to the 1st annual event and hope to be one of those people that gets to say they’ve been to every one when this conference gets big. 🙂

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. Wow, thank you! You’re write, this is too good to pass up! 😉

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