Music Mashups – Week 1

Music Mashups will be a new feature that you will find in two parts between my blog (Timothy Types TMI) as well as my friend Casey’s blog (Camiba’s Corner). What Casey and I have done is take the title of two songs. But what’s unique with these songs is that they are what are playing on our Pandora stations at the same time. #20 on this list is the first one that started this idea. But then we add our little snide remarks because, well, because they’re fun.

For numbers 1-10 please visit my Casey’s blog where comedy is more apparent than romance.

11) Snow Spaghetti Streetwalker – The image in my head is some girl from So Cal (“Cali” is only said by trendy people and wannabes fyi) coming to Utah or Colorado in winter time thinking it’s ok to wear her spaghetti strap top. Um…that’s a never.

12) Fortunate Fool What Have You Done – This seems like the fortunate fool is either losing his fortune or continuing it. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to make lyrics to these someday.

13) Another Love Song Down – Taylor Swift has discovered that all she does is love songs. She keeps a tally of them. This song makes 173.

14) Going to a Town Wherever You Go – It’s like a farmer boy/girl’s nightmare. You can’t get away from towns. This can also be a big city person’s nightmare. Going to town is not the same as going to the city. Difference? A town doesn’t have a Wal-mart, Target, mall, good Mexican/Italian/pizza/Chinese.

15) It’s All True, All This Time – It’s like The Boy Who Cried Wolf’s song near the end of the play. It’s like he’s telling us that we have to believe him!

16) Taking Over Me Dreams – Do you know who sings this song? The Lucky Charms leprechaun after too much running from those annoying children that are after his lucky charms. Dang it kids, you’re interrupting his sleep now? Poor leprechaun.

17) How Far We’ve Come, Far Away – It’s almost like the kids are doing the opposite of “Are we there yet?” with asking “How far have we gone? How far have we gone? How far have we gone?” (You parents of children that can talk just heard one of your kids’ voices saying that, you know it.)

18) Absolutely, I Caught Myself – This brings to mind Lois Lane’s response to when Superman tells her “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” She asks a fairly important question: “You’ve got me, who’s got you?” But not only did I catch myself, I absolutely did it. There’s no doubting.

19) Lonely Love, Savin’ Me – This is just wrong on so many levels. Or, I can go with the positive ideas with this. “I love me and that’s all I need.” It’s like Jaron’s Pray For You continuing on because the chick won’t leave him alone.

20) Bad Day Gives You Hell – What else does a bad day give? It’s not like it’s heaven on earth. No, bad days really give you hell. It’s ok. We all know this. Don’t need to whine about it. Gees. I have bad days all the time, but when I think about them, do they give me hell? Ok, yeah, they kinda do.

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