Murder, She Wrote

Netflix is an awesome tool to watch forgotten movies and decent tv shows. My wife and I enjoyed watching the first three seasons of Newsradio through our Wii thanks to Netflix. We love that Coach is available. It’s nice for my daughter to watch those annoying shows. (Sidenote: I was the youngest in my family. I was the one that repetitively watched the annoying shows, the top of the list is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Anyway, point is, I got cursed. They created shows that are more annoying than the ones that I watched. What the crap is up with that?)

Yesterday, I started a Murder, She Wrote marathon. Yeah, this is a show that was written and geared toward 30-50 year old women who loved cutesy whodunnits. Honestly, though, I’ve learned a lot about creating mystery in a classic fashion from watching this awesome show from 1984 (so close to one of my favorite songs “1985”.) Anyway, there is a certain storytelling technique that is used in this type of show (similar with Perry Mason and Matlock.) There is a cast of characters. Unlike CSI (and its regurgitated similarities) and NCIS (same goes for this one) where the point of the show is to show the evidence in a different light and you don’t see the assailant until the end of the episode half the time, Murder, She Wrote takes you on a journey from pre-murder, murder, post-murder so that you can try to decipher the clues yourself.

Murder, She Wrote is a complete story. In a way, it’s one full book in a 40+ minute segment. Why am I talking about this? Because I’ve always had a passion for mystery and intrigue. I’ve always hated not knowing something so I had to do what I could to figure it out. (Too bad that philosophy wasn’t used to my advantage in school.)

So, as I watch Murder, She Wrote, I look at the evidence that she points out. I love how the storytelling recaps different things. There was one episode, annoyingly, where it was pretty obvious who the murderer was. Well, more than one. But usually it’s well after the murder, closer to that 36-37 minute mark where there is only so little time left for the murderer to be discovered.

I like the cutesy murder-mysteries. Yeah, I’m a guy, I should go for the thriller style (I like those too.) My point with these mysteries is that there is a collection of people with motive for murder. Someone has a clue on them that implicates their involvement in the murder. Find that clue, find the killer.

Planting that clue in the story is the most interesting part. Two of my favorite people lately are Stephanie Black and Josi Kilpack. (Yes, yes, the list can go on, but I’m focusing on these two for a reason.) These two authors write mysteries published by Covenant. Josi’s books seem like something I would by my mom if she were still around. The mystery in them sound like something she would enjoy. Honestly though, I’d like to read them to see how she weaves the mystery with her delectable treats.  Here is the cover for Josi’s latest book.

Stephanie’s books, however, give this chilling effect. I wouldn’t buy them for my mom but would probably try to read them out of the intrigue that are created. But honestly, this sweet lady has a creepy cover for her book. Here’s here upcoming release.

Ok. So what was the point of this? Well, here you have two women who can have their own “Murder, She Wrote” concept. They’re both kind sweet ladies (ok, maybe since I don’t really know either that well, but I’m going with they are) and they both have a knack for mystery according to their fans. (Shoot, now I have to read their books and truly state how I feel about them, huh?)

Imagine if either of these two women had their own “Murder, She Wrote” life. Of course, if that were true, I’d steer clear of both of them. Why? Didn’t you know that whenever Jessica Fletcher came to town someone died? And a lot of the time it was a ‘friend’ of some sort. No sir, I’m  steering clear if people around them start dropping off.
Well, that’s some TMI for your Monday.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. Yep, the show should have been “Murder, She Caused”. If I saw her coming up my walkway to try and stay with me I would leave town or tell her to get the heck out of my city.

  2. I agree with Apryl. Being on that show is like living in Pine Valley – no good will come of it. 🙂

    On a side note. I’ve met Angela Lansbury.

  3. Well, Stephanie’s sweet–so you’re half right about us 🙂 And I love Murder, She Wrote, it does show some great mystery techniques–it would make a fun marathon, I’ll have do keep in mind. Thanks for the shout out TJ

  4. 🙂 Josi is actually the nicer of the two of us. And I’m glad I don’t live near Jessica Fletcher–I’d end up as either the accused or the dead body.

    Thanks for mentioning my book!

  5. P.S. Boy am I hungry. I need Josi to come make me a recipe from her books. Great mysteries plus great food–what could be better? Josi’s a genius!

    • My sister’s comment about Murder, She Caused is so true. That’s what my family called it. I mean, honestly, who else can go to a new town and have someone die that often? I actually used to call it Murder, She Did.

      Stephanie, are you sure you want Josi making a recipe from one of her books? She may end up making “Poison Apple” instead based off her “I’m not as sweet and innocent as I let people believe” attitude.

  6. Josi’s recipes look so tasty that I’ll risk it!

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