Music Mashups Week 2

Continuing last week’s awesomeness, Casey and I have done it again. This time I seem to have a chick theme going on throughout my mashups. But, I do have to state that I have nothing to do with Jeremy. I don’t know why I’m saying this. Casey suggested it and it seemed like a good suggestion. I’m sure visiting her blog will make more sense.

So, here are this weeks mashups 11-20.

11) Wasted Ex-Girlfriend – There are two ways to look at this. Your ex-girlfriend is so drunk that she’s making a fool of herself. Or, you broke up with her and that was obviously a waste of time because you’re getting back together tomorrow when she buys you season tickets to the Lakers. I’m thinking the first one sounds more likely.

12) She’s So High Upside Down – This sounds like a song of bungee jumping or skydiving gone wrong. Or, skydiving gone right. My sister described the rush of her skydive as…well, I don’t recall but something along the lines of…awesome (yeah, like I’m going to do that with acrophobia in my pocket.)  And that rush can be described as a high. I think I’ve ruined this song as being a funny title.

13) Smile Like You Mean It, Long Cool Woman – And continuing this chick theme I seem to have going on, the long cool woman apparently isn’t having a good time with the dorky boyfriend that her parents have forced her to have. She’s not even trying. And he knows it. (Hello! All guys aren’t stupid, you realize that right?)

14) Broken Secrets – Two girls. Telling secrets. “Shh, don’t tell.” “Ok.” “Hey Bobby, guess what Taylor told me.” “Hey Jimmy, guess what Carrie told me.” The catfight ensues. 🙂

15) Apologize Rockstar – I hear a teenage girl, about 17, yelling these words to some loser rockstar as a last-ditch effort to get him to accept that she’s pregnant with his baby.

16) Wherever You Will Go, I Will Buy You a New Life – Hmm….Bill Clinton’s song? Maybe Tiger Woods? This song is about that scandalous affair that can ruin one’s career, therefore, the woman must be sent away because some people can’t admit their faults. So she must leave and he will pay for her new life. (See #15 for the result of such actions.)

17) Killer Queen Sirens – To me, a Siren can be described as a hot women with a loud, but sexy voice. A Queen Siren is that much better. But when she’s a killer…sounds more like something from Murder, She Wrote or Perry Mason.

18) Bliss: The End of an Age – Ah, 12-years 364 days old. What a wonderful time….tick…tock…tick…tock…Holy crap! My daughter’s 13? No, not happening. Makeup and boys are now coming into the picture more and more often. I preferred 12.

19) Come Get Some, Stacy’s Mom – Now Stacy’s friend here is desperate. Come on, yeah, she’s a cougar (yes, it’s overused, which is why it’s funny) and she’s got it going on. But guess what, douchebag, she’s not interested in 17-year olds without a job. She’s interested in 25-year olds who’ve made it on People’s 30 under 30 list or whatever it’s called.

20) I Think I’m Paranoid, You’re Not Alone – And this song breaks theme for schizophrenia’s only friend, itself. Or maybe….we’re all supposed to be paranoid. It’s a conspiracy!

Speaking of…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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