Music Mashups – Week 3

Let’s see, I’ve been a blog slacker. However, I’ve not been a slacker on many other things in my life. I do have a blog I wrote that was supposed to post Monday, but I forgot about it so hopefully it’ll post tomorrow. And maybe my Friday “10 Things” will be about the 10 things that have kept me from blogging lately.

Anyway, in connection with Casey’s Music Mashups, and following the new weekly tradition. (If you’re new to this, I’ll explain after the mashups.) So, here are my 10 mashups for this week:

11. You’re Not Alone, Beautiful – This is obviously some guy’s (probably Evil Beaver) attempt at hitting on some lonely chick. But, I’m sure the lyrics will include something like “I secretly want something else” in there somewhere. I mean, come on!

12. How Far We’ve Come Last Night – Ah, yesterday, such a great time. Now we’re stuck with today. Last night we went so far. Maybe it’s not a good place though.

13. You’re Not Alone, One Headlight – (Yeah, Casey and I usually don’t try to use the same title twice in a mashup. And if we did, we each get one. This would be a FAIL.) Anyway, if Phoebe Buffay had a hit after Smelly Cat, this’d be it. The story of a headlight that is all alone because it’s owner is too lazy to buy a new one. Ah, how the headlights in the store as the car pass by promise that this one headlight isn’t alone and that one of them will accompany it eventually.

14. Words I Couldn’t Say: Everybody Loves Me – Yeah, I’m going to say that 100% of the world’s population is going to say this. Go ahead, tell me someone, anyone that the whole world loves and I’ll BUZZ you quickly with an explanation as to why someone wouldn’t love that person. Obviously, I guess I’m singing this song.

15. Free the Fortunate – Lindsay Lohan’s lesser known song about how just because she’s well-known, she shouldn’t be punished for it. (Yeah, I’m laughing in my head at the audacity of it too.)

16. All the Small Things Countdown – That must mean that all the large things countup, right? It’s like an anti-short people song. Yes, I’m short, so I can make that joke.

17. Time Marches On, Let It Die – This just sounds like a bitter anti-Father Time song. A lot of my songs are anti- (or maybe I’m just that cynical.) Anyway, I kinda hear the tune to Oh When the Saints in my head with really mean and negative lyrics instead. Don’t know why.

18. Only Wanna Be With You Somewhere Over the Rainbow – This would be the equivalent of saying “in your dreams” to someone. I think that suffices.

19. Blurry Without You – “Ah, where are my glasses? I don’t know what to do. My contacts have fallen out. I am blurry without you.” Yes, those are the lyrics for the chorus of this song.

20. Broken Intro – So I can just imagine some rock singer getting up there and try to start playing. 1) a string breaks. 2) he misses and hits the guitar knocking it to the ground. 3) the drummer jabs a drumstick through the snare while the other one goes through the eye. 4) the bassist is making out with some bimbo (ah, that’s a word that we need to bring back) offstage somewhere. Yep, that’d be a broken intro. Good thing it’s my last song here today.

Music Mashups rules: 1) Pandora must be playing on both Casey’s computer in CO and mine in UT. 2) Casey and I must be chatting, usually through Yahoo! 3) Whatever song pops up on Pandora we message to the other. 4) If there are two songs that, when mashed together, we both approve of, it gets put into the list. 5) Once we have 20 mashups in our list, we divvy them out in a fair ‘pick ’em’ way. 6) We each take our ten and blog about them connecting to one another’s blogs. 7) Repeat. 8) Take over the world. (As you can see, we can’t get past rule 7 for some reason.)

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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