Willy Wonka and the Seven Deadly Sins

So, quick story, I was given some new medication and was told that it could make me drowsy or awake. Well, I decided to start it last Friday night because I’d rather not be able to sleep than fall asleep the next day and leave my wife with the two kidlets. Well, obviously, whatever I did, the side effect was going to happen and I was definitely awake.

But thanks to Netflix and instant streaming on my Wii, I decided to watch a movie I know very well, since the familiarity would help me close my eyes and fall back to sleep. The movie, of course, was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  (The original. I don’t mind that it has nothing to do with the book. As you know, that doesn’t determine whether or not I like a movie.) And it helped me sleep. Unfortunately, the next day, I took the pill to verify whether or not it was the medicine’s fault or not (of course it was.) So I watched it again.

During my second weekend viewing of Willy Wonka, I discovered that each of the five children exhibit one of the seven deadly sins. Also, Willy Wonka and Grandpa Joe exhibit one. But there are one or two characters that exhibit a form of the seventh sin.

1. Lust: This is the one that was difficult to find. However, if you look at lust in a less sexual way, you will see that both Augustus and Veruca exhibit this trait. Augustus goes after food, lusting after it. Veruca, however, lusts for possessions. She who has the most toys wins, in her opinion.

2. Anger: Grandpa Joe and Willy Wonka argue at the end of this almost 40-year old flick. They both hold anger in their voice as they speak their lines. Both of them show it quite well.

3. Gluttony: This is definitely Augustus’ main trait. He must have all his chocolate. And he must enjoy it all, until he falls into a river of chocolate.

4. Pride: If you pay attention, this fits Violet best. Why? Violet is most prideful because she is the most showy. “I did this, I did that” are her attributes. She wants others’ attention and will do what she can to get it and think that she’s the best at everything.

5. Greed: Yes, this is Veruca’s trait. She sees it, she wants it, she whines/complains/throws a fit, she gets it. She wants whatever looks to make her own something more than someone else. She’s greedy down to the core. It’s all “I want ___”. I still like Grandpa Joe’s line “What she wants is a swift kick in the pants.”

6. Sloth: Mike doesn’t do anything. He just sits and watches TV, day in, day out. His TV dinners are served on the couch and he’s never even been to the dinner table. And he wants a gun? To do what? Shoot the TV? He’s not going anywhere while watching Cowboys and Indians fight in a John Wayne movie. Dude! Get off your duff!

7. Envy: Charlie Bucket, our humble main character, does indeed prove his envy early in the movie. Now, he doesn’t remain envious throughout the movie once he gets what he wants. As I looked at Wikipedia’s definition of envy, I saw that it stated the emotion as being “I want what you have and I don’t want you to have it.” So at 2:30 Sunday morning, I questioned whether or not envy fit Charlie. And then I saw his envy. Pre-factory, you see a lot of jealousy. Envy, however, is worse than that. It’s when Violet is on the TV and he’s watching it. You know he wants to take the ticket out of her hands and run with it.

So there it is. The seven deadly sins Willy Wonka style. What do you think?

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