Music Mash-Ups Round 5

Today’s week 5 of Music Mash-ups has some swearing on it. You can read the other 10 of this partial list at Casey’s blog: Camiba’s Corner. Go there for extra entertainment. (By the way: my numbering got skewed and these are really 11-20 and not 1-10. But I’m just that lazy that I don’t care. It’s friggin’ Friday people!)

  1. Peculiar People Hope – Yay for being peculiar and proud. I hope for a better tomorrow, today. (Ok, that was lame.) So be peculiar and hope for a better tomorrow, today. Everyone should have hope. But it always seems like it’s the people deemed ‘peculiar’ that do.
  2. Lying is the Most Fun a Loser Girl Can Have – Yes, loser girls lie. Winner girls lie too, but since the loser girl has nothing else going on, all she can do is lie. Right?
  3. Let It Die, Heartless – It’s something a little sister would say to her brother torturing a cockroach.
  4. Bulletproof Friends and Lovers – Now wouldn’t this be the group of people you want walking in front of you in downtown L.A.?
  5. Show Me How to Live Broken – Cause apparently I can’t live unbroken.
  6. I Hope You Hit Conspiracy Traffic (Conspiracy + I Hope You Hit Traffic) – So, I knew a guy that complained about his brother-in-law a lot. Supposedly, this brother-in-law followed some conspiracy site like a religion. And believed everything posted on it. Well, to me, traffic means you have too much going too many different places and it drives you crazy. Ergo, when you hit conspiracy traffic, you go completely crazy and are put in an asylum (I love that term, by the way.)
  7. Can’t Stop Chasing Cars – As your psychiatrist (yeah, like I’m qualified) I would diagnose you as someone who is desperate for attention. Or a dog.
  8. Panic Prone With or Without You – So, pretty much, whoever can actually say this has issues.
  9. Feels Like You Pray For Tonight (Feels Like Tonight + Pray For You) : This is what every girl should be thinking about her prom date. Just saying.
  10. B*tch Riot: (FYI: Casey forced this one on me.) So, there is this show called The View. There’s another new show called The Talk coming out on CBS. I’m just saying. OR There’s about 20 girls I can think of from high school that if I put into a room it’d be a perverted guy’s dream come true, especially if you add mud.

So there they are. My 10 awesome random comments.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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