Writing Process

It’s amazing when you write something just because you need to write something or your brain is going to explode. If you’re not a writer, I’m sorry, but this is the way we as a culture feel.

Sometimes, you just need to do something different so your creative juices don’t go dry. Well, once upon a time, I have no idea when, I wrote this poem just because I needed to write something. I look at it and laugh. And cringe. But I laugh mostly because of its honesty. See, once in a while I get time alone and I discover I can use it to write. And this is what ensues:

I sit, I wait, I think and then the fingers go.

They push the buttons on the keyboard like there was no tomorrow.

Each keystroke is getting me closer to the end, closer to the goal.

Letters form beautiful words; and the words form a wonderful story.

But then I jump back and think. Did I make sense?

Probably not. Time to revise. But revising sucks!

So I’ll continue on. I keep writing. The words just fly. And then they stop.

I’m blocked. A brick wall just stopped my brain from functioning.

Maybe I need a snack.

Where are my Cheetos?

Where are my Oreos?

Where’s my Monster?

Most importantly, where’s the chocolate?

They are not here.

The ideas have left me. The thoughts have ceased. I cannot move forward.

Oh, Television, the sweet assistant of procrastinators, please console me.


And that’s how it is for me more often than not.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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