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Music Mashups Round 6

As always, you should visit Casey’s blog to see the mash-ups 1-10. If you don’t recall the rules to how this works, I’ll explain them for you again. Since Casey and I chat fairly regularly online when work loads permit, and since we’re both listening to Pandora, we thought it’d be funny to see what titles we can come up with by mashing the titles of the songs we’re listening to. Biggest rule, they have to be playing at the same exact time (this is key for #20, or it wouldn’t have been on the list.)

11. Loser Wasteland – Come to the Loser Wasteland, where all the losers go that aren’t even good enough to be admitted to Loserland. Wow! There goes people’s self-esteem.

12. Chances Die Alone – If you are thinking you’re going to win the McDonald’s Monopoly Million, then you’ll see those chances die alone. If you spend $1 Million there, then maybe.

13. Why Don’t You Get a Job, I Miss You – This would be a lovely duet for a chick who’s waiting for her guy to get a job and take care of her (like the hot Carrie Underwood) and some douchebag who uses ‘love’ as an excuse to sit at home (like the stupid Ashton Kutcher.)

14. Call Your Name, Anna Molly – Anna Molly is so vain she stands in public and yells her own name just cause she likes hearing it. “Anna Molly!”

15. Evacuate the Dance Floor! Runaway! – HURRY! THERE’S A FIRE! EVERYONE OFF THE DANCE FLOOR! Now I can do the Macarena in peace! (Evil dance guest’s dream.)

16. Can’t Stop Killing You Like I Do – Seriously, is there a better use of present tense in here? Perhaps this will be the fourth book in Dan Wells’ I Am Not a Serial Killer series. (Crap, still haven’t read Mr. Monster yet!)

17. The Remedy: Plug in Baby – Baby screams. Plug the hole with a binky. How easy is that?

18. It Always Hurts (It Hurts + Always) – A masochist’s cherished song. (If you do not understand the term ‘masochist’ I think your mind may believe you are one.)

19. Mad World, Beautiful Disaster – I see a bunch of Mad Hatters and March Hares holding unbirthday tea parties at UN buildings. Don’t you?

20. Tubthumping Tubthumping – You drink. You drink some. Then you drink again. Then you keep on drinking. Not me. I don’t drink. But hello! Yes, this is awesome. Casey and I finally had the same song playing at the same time on Pandora. (Yes, we’re nerds, what’s your problem?)

Come back next time where I may amaze you with some interesting blog post. Or bore you to death with alien abduction references. Oh, speaking of…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. My favorite is #17. You guys are so clever. 🙂

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