The 2010 Bronz Awards

My high school always gives/gave (if they don’t now) out paper plate awards during the Senior Assembly. They did what they could to come up with random awards, write them down on a paper plate, and announce them in the school before throwing it in the crowd. (I bet the majority of you, whom I’ve met since I graduated from high school, would never guess what award I got. But I’d be curious to see guesses in the comments.)

So, my oldest brother ended up with the nickname Bronz in high school. Our middle brother had the name for a little bit. I was dubbed Little Bronz occasionally by some of his friends. But that didn’t last. But you know, when I decided I was going to give out awards, I figured I’d use this awesome term. (FYI, there is not a letter missing in Bronz. That’s its spelling.) And without further ado (I love that word, it’s so old fashioned), here are the 2010 Bronz Awards. (Please note: I am the sole member of the nominating committee and voting committee. Maybe one day, when I’m big and famous, I’ll make categories where other people can nominate awards and/or vote.)

1. Best Book I Read: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Honestly, if I could write as smooth as this book felt, I’d be published. Honorable Mention: I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells

2. My Favorite Book Cover: Mr. Monster by Dan Wells. 2nd Place: Cold as Ice by Stephanie Black. I don’t care what LDS Publisher says. But go to the site and vote on covers if you’d like.

3. Favorite Blog Post on Timothy Types TMI: Survivor: LDS Storymakers. Even though there are others I liked more, receiving about 500 hits to that post made me feel like someone important. My 15 minutes of LDS author fame are up now, but it was fun.

4. Best Proper Use of the Word “Its”: Annette Lyon (She is the Queen Word Nerd and Grammar Nazi for a reason. Also, this should just be named the Annette Lyon award.)

5. Funniest Presenter at a Writers Conference: Sarah Eden. Why? Because no one can read Bubba and Dan like she can. I’ll go ahead and shout-out 2nd place to Robison Wells’ writer’s block presentation at UVU’s book academy.

6. Best Use of the Last Minute For a Presenter at a Writers Conference: Howard Tayler at LDStorymakers: Worldbuilding. Shoot, he wasn’t even supposed to teach. Runner-up: Robison Wells at the UVU’s Book Academy, again. I saw him finishing his presentation at the last minute. And it was a good presentation because it involved interaction.

7. Best Writing Conference Swag Bag Item: The Water Bottle from UVU Book Academy. Seriously, those things are so awesome. Get a refill whenever you want one at no charge on a fountain drink. Rob Wells agreed with me.

8. Best Introduction at a Writing Shindig: Me! Introducing Elana Johnson at the LUW-Writers Workshop in May. She’s a reality tv fan like me. ’nuff said.

9. Most Creative Blog Post: 30 Uses For a Hanger. My friend Casey’s blog post over at Camiba’s Corner. Guess what, it’s fairly awesome. And guess what, I helped write it.

10. Best Music Mashup: Bad Day Gives You Hell Seriously, is it not true? Runner-up: Tubthumping Tubthumping. Cause that’s just cool that the same song played on two different stations.


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  1. I won a Bronz! I feel like I should make an acceptance speech and be sure to use both ITS and IT’S in it . . .

  2. Thanks for the mention of my book cover–I agree that the designer did a fantastic job!

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