11 Down, Who Knows Now

No, I’m not referring to 2011 being done already. I’m actually referring to the fact that I have just finished chapter 11 in Eli. (I have no clue still what I think of that title.)

What this means to me is: I’ve been scared that I won’t hit the 70,000-word mark. As long-winded as I am in speaking, writing meaningful words that aren’t crap is a lot more difficult. But I keep finding different plot twists to impede my character’s progression toward his goal. Because of a random idea I had concerning a way to get a character to join the rest, it’s added at least 2 chapters (in my mind, we’ll see when I get there). Plus, I’ve added another block toward my main character’s goal, one that will hopefully be an exciting battle that he has to helplessly watch.

For the first time in the 5 drafts I’ve written for this book, this feels like the version I put the most pride toward. First, I’m writing in first-person. It’s the first time, my characters feel authentic. Second, the flow of the story is much better. Each chapter works well individually and moves like an episode to a television series. To me that is. (Self-praise is always more flattering or more demeaning, depending on the mood.) Third, I know that when it’s all done and I write ‘the end’, it will be the ending that I envisioned in 2005 when I first created this world.

Writing is an art. There are so many ways to go about it. Each writer/artist has their own technique. What works for someone may not work for someone else. I’m very pleased that it is. The reason I state this is I feel that Eli is more of a piece of art than work. I’ve invested a lot to this book in the past. Time and energy have both been spent on it. But what makes this go through the best for me is that my emotions are more entwined with what is going on. I feel emotionally invested in the well-being of my own characters.

I actually think I’m doing it right. The scariest part right now: pitching to an agent at LDS Storymakers, which is 4 months to the day. Yeah, I’ll be nervous with butterflies in my stomach.

So, who out there is qualified (I dare not use ‘very qualified’ thanks to this blog post from yesterday) that wants to edit my book for me. Actually, I really would only want the first fifty pages. Hmm….no money right now sucks. That’s because I’m sure aliens abducted all my money. Speaking of…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. Second post I’ve read today that refers to mine from yesterday and therefore avoids VERY.

    I feel all-powerful. What should I post about NEXT? Bwahahaha.

    (Good luck with your book! Way to finish 11!)

  2. For me, I think less of a piece of art and more like a child…or a pet that’s like a child. It can frustrate you to no ends, but you know you still love the characters and all the other details that make the book whole.

  3. I like all of your favorite quotes said by you, but I like the last one the most!

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