LTUE and Awesomesauce

Note: My blogroll will be updated one day. It’s a short-term accomplish-able goal of mine.

So, let me rehash. LTUE is a 3-day symposium (high-class word for conference, in my opinion). So, last Thursday, I woke up got ready for work and said “I feel like crap right now.” My wonderful wife said “You’re not going to work.” So I tried to make a deal. “Fine, if I’m not going to work, then I’m going to LTUE.” Yeah, I lost. But I did get to live vicariously through some awesome writer friends and their great tweets on what I was missing out on. (FYI, there will be a lot of namedropping going on here.)

I had scheduled last Friday off so I could attend LTUE for two days. However, Sick Kid Death Plague was still attacking me and I ended up watching The Italian Job, Spaceballs, and Eddie. (Ironically enough, both movies say the f-word only one time each. Not exactly the coolest bit of trivia, but something I know.) But, with all the movie watching and writing (I did complete chapter 17) I felt better Friday night. So, I decided that I was going to sleep well and go the next day.

Saturday morning, my best friend, Andrew, and I went to LTUE. I was so excited that Sick Kid Death Plague wasn’t going to completely win against LTUE. Of course, I still wasn’t fully alive yet. But I went. And here’s my reaction: AWESOMESAUCE (yes, it’s a word.)

So, during the first class I went to, I was uncomfortable, tired, and annoyed that my cell phone was dying. But it was a great first class. I don’t recall a lot of what was said, but Dave Wolverton and Lisa Mangum were there. And they both always have good things to say.

In between the first two hours, I went and said hello to my friend Tristi Pinkston. Barely, that is. My voice was trying to hid from me as I did so. I then went to the editor panel where I got to hear what three people had to say differently from last year.

I sat in on the editor panel (basically, I found a place to plug in my cell phone in that room.) But it was awesome to hear Tristi, Lisa, and Dave give great information. Also, I sat in on it last year and got to hear the vast differences in what is going on with Stacy Whitman and Tu Publishing. During this class my friend Taffy decided to bug me and tell me to leave. Which I didn’t, of course. I also got a tweet from Elana Johnson that she was looking for me to say hi to.

Instead, I spent the next hour ditching out on James Dashner’s keynote guest of honor talk (just because I’m not fanboy enough to be a sardine in that room). But I had a great chat with a bunch of writing buddies including Tristi, Taffy, and Daron Fraley. Ran into Marion Jensen, Robison Wells, and Sarah Eden (who’d later regret running into me, but we’ll get to that later.)

So, I went to a panel concerning…not quite sure. But Jeff Savage was there. That’s all I can recall as I was constantly checking twitter. But, the best part of this moment is I got to see Rob’s cover. And by the way, it’s friggin’ awesome. I think I called it “Blair Witch Creepy only cooler.” If not, that’s the base sentiment. Can I describe it? Sure. Am I? Nope.

Then I sat in on two hours of Writing Excuses podcasts. Brandon Sanderson’s absence wasn’t a big deal as Dan Wells and Howard Tayler did awesome jobs with their guests, which included Rob for two of them.

And this is where Sarah Eden’s kindness begins to feel sorrow. See, my cell phone was dying so Sarah was kind enough to let me plug my phone into her computer. Well, no big deal, until right before the final recording of Writing Excuses, Sarah was asked to join the podcast team as they spoke on romance. She was forced to leave her laptop. At this time, Taffy, Elana, and Rob had already left us. I was left alone with her laptop and twitter was wide open. Now, it most certainly would’ve been a crime had I not written anything. I mean, seriously. What else can you do? Here are her tweets while she was podcasting:

SarahMEden Sarah Eden
I just got pulled on to #writingexcuses at the last second. The awesome and cool @tbronley was given my computer.
SarahMEden Sarah Eden
I am a romance expert according to the #writingexcuses team. #LTUE. I am impressed with the Wells’ brothers knowledge of Pride & Prejudice.
SarahMEden Sarah Eden
I am so good at winging it. All of you should praise me #LTUE #writingexcuses (Yes, @tbronley has my computer still. I will kill him later.)
SarahMEden Sarah Eden
@tbronley can’t move because he’s babysitting my computer. Serves him right for tweeting for me.
Um….yeah, you know, I could’ve written worse. Like:
SarahMEden Sarah Eden
I love monkeys, coconuts, and high-heels.
I mean, yeah, definitely not. So, it was no surprise that I got this response from Sarah:
SarahMEden Sarah Eden
Note to self: Next time I have to abandon my computer for the greater good, do not leave it in the sole possession of @tbronley.
Of course, I got another interesting note when writing buddy Krista informed someone that “TJ got to mess with Sarah’s laptop.” Seriously, that was a highlight of LTUE to some people. Come on!
Sarah however, had a comment to that:
SarahMEden Sarah Eden
@LDSWBR Yes. @tbronley is shameless. (Although I was sort of asking for it, leaving my poor laptop unprotected like that.) @KristaLJensen
I was really bummed that I missed a class on pitching to agents from Elana. There was seriously breathing room only in that room when I went to it. With remnants of Sick Kid Death Plague, I wasn’t going to give up decent breathing.
LTUE was awesomesauce and I can’t wait to go again next year. For now, I’ve got Storymakers in May where I actually get to pitch my agent of choice. Yay! And for now. I will leave with knowing that, as always:
Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.
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