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Last Saturday, I had some great wisdom imparted on me from the ever awesome Elana Johnson. What is that wisdom? That I’m writing right. (Like I really need other people to affirm this, but it’s usually nice 😉 ) What do I mean by this?

Well, Elana taught on the topic “Writing Without Outlining”. Now, I’m not gonna rehash all the awesomeness gained from her insights. First thing learned: It is possible to not outline your book (or discovery write) and be published. Yeah, I already knew this, but you know what, I really like hearing that this is possible. Especially since I completed my draft on Saturday and it’s kind of the way I wrote it.

Elana stated that she wrote her book Possession (which has an awesome cover and I can’t wait for it to come out in June) in a few days. I think it was 11. To a writer, that’s short. She stated she never outlined, didn’t do anything specific to the plot. But it did take her 13 months to revise. Do you know how much I hate revising? It’s just a necessary evil to me. (Goal for the moment: Learn to love revising.)

One of the things that she talked about was that discovery writing can come so easy to some of us. I liked her concept of “Pantsing.” No, it has nothing to do with some poor boy who has to choose between it and a wedgie.  She referred to writing by the seat of your pants.

So, you don’t have to write a book some traditional way. Oh, there is some tradition in writing, and I think Elana showed this quite well without realizing it. What is that traditional way to write a book? Oh, I guess I can impart that secret.

Hold on, it’s that awesome.




I’m serious, just give it a second.




Start, don’t stop until you’re done.

I can’t think of a single book that was published where the person didn’t start and stopped before they were done with their book. And with that random bit of advice:

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. So glad I said something useful! Start, don’t stop. Good luck with the revising. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I…don’t. Ha!

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