Top 10 Favorite TV Sitcoms

…for now

Yeah, this is an odd list because I’m sure it’ll change over time. But I just felt like talking about this topic and figured it was worth a break from revisions.

10. Samantha Who?/Better Off Ted: Both shows were awesome! Both shows were on ABC. Both shows had great 1st seasons. And both shows got snubbed during their second season. 😦 They were both funny and both awesome. And I blame ABC for putting them in the wrong time slot, which led to their removal. But I put them both as #10 because they are equal in many ways.

9. Keeping Up Appearances: British comedy can be hilarious. This one I just view as the best. Why? Because you’ve got this random lady who tries to act like she is high class instead of the middle class woman that she is. And you know, high class woman have no problems. Too bad, our dear Hyacinth always does. This show may not always be classy, but I would define it as classic.

8. Hogan’s Heroes: Another classic show. The thing that makes this show so awesome is clueless German Nazi leaders with a group of American soldiers stuck in an encampment, run by the Americans of course.

7. Mike & Molly: Yep, I don’t watch it all the time. But I haven’t watched one yet that I wasn’t laughing during. Great cast. Great writers. And I hope the greatness continues.

6.  M*A*S*H: I don’t know if M*A*S*H counts as a sitcom, but it definitely had a lot of hilarious moments. I didn’t like the first half of its finale, but the rest of the show was pretty dang awesome.

5. The Cosby Show: a) It’s a classic. b) I’m a child of the 80s and the Huxtables were cool. c) You’re talking about a show that really was about everything that is good in this world in a way.

4. Friends: This is a classic of the 90s. I have watched Friends so many times I can quote it and challenge anyone to a game of Friends Scene It. I really couldn’t care less what people think of me. This cast was phenomenal in the ability to work off one another.

3. I Love Lucy: The first lady of comedy. How do you not respect that? Lucille Ball was one of my mom’s favorite actresses. I Love Lucy was my mom’s all-time favorite show. And having grown up in a household that watched I Love Lucy religiously, even though we knew what would happen. Shoot, if they created an I Love Lucy Scene-It, I’d challenge people to that one.

2. Scrubs: I love Scrubs. I have no problem admitting it. If you don’t, deal with it. I see myself like J.D. a lot. My cynical sarcasm is commonly on par with Dr. Cox. It’s like watching a show based off what goes on in my head. And even though it should’ve ended in season 8, the writers did a great attempt with season 9. The characters were still good. Yeah, I missed Carla and her attitude, but the show was by all intents and purposes funny.

1. The Big Bang Theory: Yes, this is my favorite show right now. The comedy is awesome. Jim Parsons defines hilarious. Kaley Cuoco is honestly the worst actor in this show and she’s still awesome in the role of Penny. Her reactions to Parsons, though obviously staged sometimes, are what real people would do and say. It actually seems natural. My wife and I own the first 3 seasons and I am looking forward to season 4 on DVD and excited to know that seasons 5-7 are in contract! More Big Bang! Yay!

What shows do you like/love/live? Or what do you think about the 10(11) I named.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. SO on board w/ #2 and #3. I’d take you on with I Love Lucy trivia.

    My question to you is: By your definition of “sitcom” does it include all comedy series’ … or just ones that fit the sitcom structure?

    I would have to include Happy Days as well (along with many others).

  2. I think Friends is too far down on your list.

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