Month End

Work. Write. Work. Write. Work? Write? Work? Write? Work? Revise? Work? Revise? Work? Revise? Work. Work. Work. Blog. Work. Blog. Work. Blog.

Yeah, that’s basically how life has been for me lately: a bunch of confusion.

See, at my job, I prepare the company’s financials. This means that every month I have gather to make monthly entries into our general ledger, tie out the balance sheet accounts, prepare a gazillion Excel spreadsheets, and then input data into more Excel spreadsheets (which make up the final financial package). I then present this to my boss for review and wait for her dozen or so phone calls, emails, and/or instant messages. Then, my boss and I present this (mostly me) to the General Manager.

During this time, I want to rip out my eyes because they’ve been staring at a monitor for so long that I swear they were literally glued to it. But, you know what is important about this ‘month end’ time period? There is literally 31 days until LDS Storymakers. Even better? I have a pitch to desuckify and perfect. Even better? I have a crapload of craptastic words to remove from my book between now and then. Not that I have to, but I feel the need to. (And yes, I end sentences in prepositions. Is it proper? No. Do I care? No. Why not? Because that’s the way people friggin’ speak in the 21st Century! People not being able to spell, that’s a different horror in this world.)

From the way this post is reading, it seems like I’m freaking out. Yeah, a little. No wait, a lot. I have so much to do that sometimes, I just need to blog to help relieve that stress. Much better.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. Poor TJ! You’ll get a break from your madness in May!

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