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So, I don’t do book reviews very often on my site, but I was asked to do a review of this book “KiTe” by Bill Shears. In a new tradition that I’d like to start, I’m going to review the book in a few sections. Today, I’m going with characters, storyline, and voice/grammar. But first, the main gist of it:

KiTe is a story of intrigue and coverup, things coming to life that are supposed to be dormant. With an impending doom concept that threatens Earth, there is also a romantic side with this story. But lets get down to my review. I could bore you to death with plot.

Characters: The main character in KiTe, Mason Dash, fits this roguish stereotype. Kind of the whole “I own my world and I’ve got attitude” idea. I can connect with that because I do own my own arrogance, but beyond that, he was fairly bland. I did like him, but it took some time. Perhaps that was Mr. Shears intent. However, I would have liked a little more depth to Dash. He did have his soft side  when it came to his wife, who I liked a lot better.

Storyline: I think the overall story of KiTe was good. It was just very hard to get used to. Personally, I could’ve lived fine without chapter 1. It just didn’t have anything happen or anything exciting. It was more or less confusing. I don’t mind some confusion in a book, but if I feel lost in the first couple of chapters, I have to force my way through. I also thought it was overdetailed at the beginning. It was a decent et up, but I just wasn’t a fan of it. After that, the story flowed very well.

Voice/Grammar: I’m a grammar guru. I know it’s not the most important thing to a book, but it’s also pleasant when something is written well. And by ‘written well’ I mean the voice. KiTe is in 3rd person with the viewpoints of a few of the main characters. The narration was well done, but very telling. I would’ve liked some more ‘show’ in the story. With that, grammar was very good. I don’t like commas overly used (unless they’re in Facebook posts or blogs, of course). Perhaps it could’ve done with a copy edit, but it wasn’t necessary. I’ve seen professionally published books that I could’ve taken a red pen to.

Overall, on my scale of 1 to 5 I give it a 3.3. It was a decent read, something I’d sit and read on a flight or on a Weekend when I’m bored and feel satisfied.

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