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Here I am with some more musings from the inside of my complex mind. Because of some tweets recently, I saw an opportunity to tell people what to do. I mean, what’s more fun than bossing people around. Okay, not really, but I’m entertained by this. So, here is a list of authors and the books I think they should write.

Janette Rallison – Lady of the Bracelet: One Bracelet to Rule the Mall – It just seems to fit with her My Fair Godmother and its sequel, My Unfair Godmother. (This thought was the inspiration for this post.)

Marion Jensen – Superdad – I don’t know what he can do with it. I just think he should write it.

Julie Wright – Genre Jumping: A How-to Guide for Switching Up Your Style – Just because jumping from romance to YA-Sci-fi is about as big of a leap as it can get.

Randy Tayler – How to Lose Friends and Insult People – Why? Because. Follow him long enough on TWitter and it’d make sense. He could co-write it with this next author even. (Yes, he’s not published, that I know of, but this just fits.)

Robison Wells – Complex – What a title! What does it mean? No clue. Just like I have very little clue as to what Variant is about other than the fact that its cover is awesomesauce and its storyline is fairly mysterious.

Sarah Eden – Redheaded in England  – Of course it fits in her Regency romance genre. Some Irish chick decides to go to England. Falls in love with someone…blah blah blah. The title just suits Sarah, that’s all.

Annette Lyon – Living Without Chocolate – Our main character here is dared to go 30 days without a bite of chocolate. Oh the withdrawals! Oh the cravings! Oh how mean!

Dan Wells – You’re Bacon – Serial killer with a weird catch phrase? Instead of “you’re toast” he says “you’re bacon”. Electrocution? Whatever. Bacon and serial killers: two things Dan seems to know best.

Robison Wells and Annette Lyon – Wherefore Art Thou Migraine – A humorous look at tweets by people who want to kill someone because their head hurts so bad. (Note: Rob will take the misconceived “where” section while Annette will hit the true “why” section.)

Josi Kilpack – Chocolate Chip Cookie – Come on! It’s obvious. She’s got a tart, a trifle, a cake, a pie, a crumble, and a roll. (I also know what she’s got coming, unless she convinced someone to switch her mind.) So it’s everyone’s favorite basic dessert!

Sounds good right? Ready, write! Okay, they’re probably all yelling at me: Go EDIT!

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. Very fun, TJ!

  2. This is eerily clairvoyant of you, TJ. The next Regency I plan to write does involve an Irish chick coming to England and falling in love with a British dude. She is not, however, a redhead. Neither is he. But someone, somewhere in the story will now have red hair–so let it be written, so let it be done.

  3. All of my book titles have some kind of hidden meaning/connection to the story. The only connection I can think of to Chocolate Chip Cookie is buffalo chips. Maybe sent Sadie to the prairie? It might be that I’m working from a place of severe creativity-anemia. 🙂

    • Chocolate Chip Cookie could be a computer cookie. Unless Sadie is in the 1970s. Also, a ‘cookie’ could be an intelligent person. “She’s one smart cookie.” You’ve also got ‘toss one’s cookies’ for vomiting. See, the possibilities are more than buffalo chips.

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