Music Mashups Round 12

You know, personally, I think this has some of my favorite mashups in it. Casey got some good ones for you to check out at Gnarvtopia. So read 1-10 there and come back for 11-20.

11. Lithium, You Make It Easy: for the Energizer bunny to keep going and going and going going. If only he were the Cadbury bunny instead.

12. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang Sirens: Yes, I think that’s what it sounds like. Four gun shots and then sirens. (No, this isn’t like the ‘how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop’ conundrum.)

13. Bleed It Out In My Head: Information that isn’t absorbed in the brain is instead bled out and removed.  It’s the opposite of ‘mulling it over’. This would apply to those who don’t believe they’re airheads and, ergo, it doesn’t go in one ear and come out the other. It just sticks in the head and is used for better purposes, such as bloodflow.

14. Hey Soul Sister, Come Get Some: I can hear it now. Some douche bag trying some moronic pickup line. “Hey, I know we’re soul mates so come get some.” Um…I don’t think she’s interested.

15. Oh No Tiny Little Fractures: I had some friends in high school with the fake threat that they were going to take over the world by killing everyone. Their choice of deadly means? Paper cuts and pouring lemon juice into them. This song is dedicated to them.

16. Heaven Use Somebody: Just not me, okay?

17. Bless the Broken Chocolate Road: Yes, please bless the broken chocolate road. It needs to be fixed now. I must have a road guiding me to my chocolate. I need my chocolate.

18. There She Goes, The Perfect Fool: Failed Twilight titles. Oh wait, that’s not the game we’re playing? Well, this fits it fine still.

19. Violate Colette: This is just so bad (everything in my head is bad and dirty and not worthy of stating). I’m gonna just move on to #20

20. Hanging On a Moment Gives You Hell: At least it doesn’t give you a wedgie or a punch in the crotch. Or worse, the Evil Beaver. (This mash-up may look familiar. And it is. Last week, Casey and I had the exact same mash-up. This mash-up is repeated because it’s happened twice and that’s the first time in the 3 or 4 months of mash-ups that it’s happened.)

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


Music Mashups Round Eleven

It’s that time again. Round 11 is ready for your reading pleasure. Go visit Casey in Gnarvtopia to see mashups 1-10. And then come back here for 11-20 because, well, they’re awesome!

11. Going Nowhere Brick By Brick: Well, no wonder you’re not going anywhere with all those bricks in the way. Keep putting them up and no one will be able to get to you either. Gees!

12. My Hero, I Did It For You: “I’m the damsel in distress.  I purposely got picked up by the giant gorilla climbing the Empire State Building, tied to the railroad tracks with that bullet train coming, fell off the boat into the lake full of crocodiles, and ate a poisoned apple all so you could come rescue me.” The plot for AntiPrincess

13. Tonight, I Don’t Care Tonight: I don’t care so much that I’m repetitive!

14. Self-Esteem Taking Over Me: As is my ego, pride, and arrogance! I’m an author with a bunch of groupies! (Note: If I have a well-selling published book, please don’t become a groupie.)

15. First Time Use Somebody: Second Time, shoot, use them again. Maybe they’ll let you do it again.

16. Trouble Chasing Cars: See, I always have this problem chasing cars. They stop at these red signs or those red lights and I run into them.

17. Bubble Toes Falling Into Place: Any kind of toe fall out of place doesn’t sound pleasant. So this should be a relief for the person with the bubble toes.

18. Space Dementia, If I Had It All: If I had Space Dementia, I would think I had it all. That’s dementia for ya.

19. Consolation Prizes, Get Over It: You lost, deal with it! At least you got something. I’d rather lose the Super Bowl than not make the playoffs! I’d rather be in the Final Four and not win than not be invited to the tournament. (Unless they’re offering Lee Press On Nails, that’s just not a cool consolation prize: EVER!)

20. Santa Monica Mystery: They were here. Now they’re gone. On the Santa Monica Pier. What happened to them? It was their time. Why? (See note below.)

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

Music Mashups Round 10

Here it is. Round 10. I know your excited. You’ve been holding your breath for this. Are you sure you’re not dead from doing that?

But go visit Casey out in Gnarvtopia for Mashups 1-10. Then come back here and read on:

11. Hey There Delilah, Move Along: Yes, Delilah, I see you there. No go away while I look at Reese Witherspoon and Carrie Underwood.

12. Everything Sucks So Far Away: When you can’t have it right near you, it really sucks. When it’s SO FAR AWAY, life just has no meaning.

13. Don’t Give Up Black Hole Sun: You can do it! Destroy the universe! Go Black Hole Sun! Go Black Hole Sun! Eat the ice cream! (You’d have to watch the music video.)

14. What Hurts the Most Brings Me to Life: No pain, no gain. Sounds like a good philosophy.

15. Low Love Lockdown: Does this mean that the High Love is out and about?

16. 1 2 3 4, Reinventing the Heartbeat: I think most heartbeats go buh-buhm-buh-buhm-buh-buhm. Now we’re going with 1, 2, 3, 4?

17. Beautiful Heaven Must Be Boring Like You: I wonder what ugly heaven is like if that’s the case.

18. Californication, You Gave Me A Promise: Dude! It says “Californication”. You think it’s got good promises? Stupid!

19. Backstabbing Pain Never Seemed So Friendly: There’s a few tv shows for this. Survivor. Big Brother. Apprentice.

20. You, Me, and the Mission: Aw, it’s a song about a Mormon missionary and the sweetheart he left behind. And will she wait for him?

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

Music Mashups Round 9

Time for Round 9 of the awesome Music Mashups. Casey and I were on top of it this week. As always, visit her blog for 1-10.

11. Some Girls Accidentally In Love Do….Really believe that Edward will come rescue them or Harry Potter is better off with them and not Ginny. Right, Kimberly the pink Power Ranger is going to just jump through my window to take me away or Daphne from Scooby Doo is gonna need me to rescue her from some moron in a mask. Yeah, keep dreaming.

12. Never Live Like You Were Dying Alone…cause if you’re gonna go, you might as well take someone with you, right?

13. Good Slide Directions…sit on your butt. Extend your legs with your feet in front of you. Push off. Go “Wheee” until you hit the bottom. Repeat.

14. It’s My Kinda Jumper Party…Well, unfortunately, you only get to attend one jumper party. So I guess when you go, enjoy. You’re not going to another one.

15. Ladies Love Jaded Country Cowboys….”Girls don’t bring home the bad guys, Logan. They bring home the good guys.” Now I want to watch X2: X-Men United.

16. True Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: I’m not even going to go there. Well, except to ask what the difference between a True Dirty Deed and a Fake Dirty Deed is.

17. Nothing On But the Radio Because of You….It’s all your fault. You threw the basketball, it hit the TV. You got frustrated with the computer and threw it out the window. Thanks a lot! Now we have to listen to the stupid radio with the annoying people that won’t shut up and play music.

18. Don’t You Wanna Stay Barely Breathing: I mean, come on, barely breathing is better than not breathing at all. Not quite as good as breathing normally, I know. Sometimes, in writing, I feel like my characters are barely breathing. They need more life sometimes. Or…at my writer buddy Graham’s suggestion, I could just kill them off.

19. Daddy’s Cowboy Casanova Money: Did Daddy leave Mommy for….nah, not going there. If my daughter starts seeing a Cowboy Casanova, I’m going to have some Cowboy Casanova Money…for a shotgun that will hang in my living room.

20. You Lie On a Plain: As opposed to You Stand on a Mountain? Or are you shouting false information in the middle of a field. “The sky is green!” “Purple elephants parade in my house!” “Harry Potter is my best friend!” “Bella is hot!” (Ok, maybe those last two are a sign of a delusional mind. You may want to see someone about that.)

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

Music Mashups – Round 8

It’s back! Yep, that’s right, another round of titles that Casey and I heard on the radio at the same time and have combined them to come up with awesome titles for your reading pleasure! Aren’t you excited? You’re not? Dude, what’s your problem then?

11. Tubthumping Gives You Hell: Well, yeah. If you pound that much whiskey down your throat, I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

12. Kids in Bloom: Just ask my friends that are mom’s about this one. One day they’re in your arms, the next, they’re telling you they need to watch Rob Reiner movies for a class assignment, and understand what’s going on. (Yes, that is a shout out to someone.)

13. Walking Contradiction, Yes!: Slightly worse than a walking hypocrite. This person’s actually excited to be a walking contradiction.

14. Redneck Yacht Club Can’t Stop Partying: See #1. Well, they’re rednecks. More than likely it’d be Tubthumping Gives You Time in the Slammer for Using that Shotgun.

15. A Different World Smells Like Teen Spirit: I bet this Different World we’re talking about is your teenager’s bedroom. How much you wanna bet?

16. Remember When the Freshman…Perhaps it’s better that we don’t go there.

17. Too Much Fun My Next 30 Years: Day 1: Cry because this is a cold world. Day 35: Spit up on someone’s face. Day 94: Maybe I’ll sit up. Day 320: Ok, I guess I’ll do this walking thing. Year 4: I’m going to pretend to be a baby for the attention I miss. Year 10: You’re pissing me off, I’m going to my room and playing. Year 15: You’re pissing me off, I’m going to a friend’s. Year 18: Free at last, free at last! Year 21: Partying like it’s 1999. Year 25: I miss my old bedroom and lack of responsibility. Year 29: Please, can’t we just turn back time?

18. Hello World Please Remember Me: My name is Bob and I am on Twitter and Facebook in a vain attempt to create the illusion that I have friends and people like me. My life is so unimportant to me that I need these things to feel important. The best solution to this was given by Kaley Cuoco’s character Penny on “The Big Bang Theory” when she said “I go outside and talk to people.”

19. Where is My Mind As She’s Walking Away?: Where most guys’ minds are when she’s walking away: on her back. A little lower. A little lower. Yeah, more than likely, it’s right there.

20. I Should Be Sleeping in the Garage: There’s another term for this: doghouse. The questions are: what did you do? What didn’t you do? How many flowers will it require to get you back in the house? How much chocolate will you need? (Seriously, isn’t that the best mashup? It should win the Bronz Award for Best Mashup in 2011)

Music Mashups Round 7

So, Casey and I decided (as much as we hate admitting it) that we suck at doing Mashups weekly. Hence, we’re changing them to ’rounds.’ It doesn’t help that work is really busy. I don’t even talk to her that much anymore. (I’m sure she’s crying being reminded of this. Someone hand her a tissue.) But, I am quickly taking time to write these out because, well, I ‘need’ to do so.

11. Dare You to Move 1979: Go ahead! I daaaaaaaaare ya. Move it. You know where you should move it to. 19-19-1985. (Yeah, like you didn’t see that coming.)

12. Come Get Some Through Glass: I’m sensing some perverted twist to Alice Through the Looking Glass. That Mad Hatter really can be mad.

13. The Bad Day Riddle: The answer to the riddle is usually Monday. Garfield would agree with me, I’m sure.

14.Whatever It Is, I Don’t Care: Seriously, this is the title of a song I could write. “Whatever it is, I don’t care. Leave me alone, get outta my hair.” Ok, maybe this is more a mom of children between 6 and 12 song.

15. Welcome to the World, Tough Little Boys: Drill Sergeant mockery of the new bootcamp arrivals.

16. Extra Ordinary Keeper of the Stars: My preshusssss…….I’ss keeping all the celebritiesss. They make a nice collection.

17. Big Star, So Far Away: Duh! Where else are big stars? If they’re in your backyard, I think you’ve got problems on your hand (and if you’re reading this blog at that moment, I feel honored that it’s the last thing you’re doing.)

18. The Red Light Remedy (Red Light + The Remedy): How do I end up with ones that can be too easily construed as perverted? Dang it! (Old guy in the red light district is where I went with that, in case you were wondering.)

19. Doin’ Something Right: Number Two: Bathroom humor! Maybe I should just leave it at that.

20. By the Way, If I Die Young…….

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled

Music Mashups Round 6

As always, you should visit Casey’s blog to see the mash-ups 1-10. If you don’t recall the rules to how this works, I’ll explain them for you again. Since Casey and I chat fairly regularly online when work loads permit, and since we’re both listening to Pandora, we thought it’d be funny to see what titles we can come up with by mashing the titles of the songs we’re listening to. Biggest rule, they have to be playing at the same exact time (this is key for #20, or it wouldn’t have been on the list.)

11. Loser Wasteland – Come to the Loser Wasteland, where all the losers go that aren’t even good enough to be admitted to Loserland. Wow! There goes people’s self-esteem.

12. Chances Die Alone – If you are thinking you’re going to win the McDonald’s Monopoly Million, then you’ll see those chances die alone. If you spend $1 Million there, then maybe.

13. Why Don’t You Get a Job, I Miss You – This would be a lovely duet for a chick who’s waiting for her guy to get a job and take care of her (like the hot Carrie Underwood) and some douchebag who uses ‘love’ as an excuse to sit at home (like the stupid Ashton Kutcher.)

14. Call Your Name, Anna Molly – Anna Molly is so vain she stands in public and yells her own name just cause she likes hearing it. “Anna Molly!”

15. Evacuate the Dance Floor! Runaway! – HURRY! THERE’S A FIRE! EVERYONE OFF THE DANCE FLOOR! Now I can do the Macarena in peace! (Evil dance guest’s dream.)

16. Can’t Stop Killing You Like I Do – Seriously, is there a better use of present tense in here? Perhaps this will be the fourth book in Dan Wells’ I Am Not a Serial Killer series. (Crap, still haven’t read Mr. Monster yet!)

17. The Remedy: Plug in Baby – Baby screams. Plug the hole with a binky. How easy is that?

18. It Always Hurts (It Hurts + Always) – A masochist’s cherished song. (If you do not understand the term ‘masochist’ I think your mind may believe you are one.)

19. Mad World, Beautiful Disaster – I see a bunch of Mad Hatters and March Hares holding unbirthday tea parties at UN buildings. Don’t you?

20. Tubthumping Tubthumping – You drink. You drink some. Then you drink again. Then you keep on drinking. Not me. I don’t drink. But hello! Yes, this is awesome. Casey and I finally had the same song playing at the same time on Pandora. (Yes, we’re nerds, what’s your problem?)

Come back next time where I may amaze you with some interesting blog post. Or bore you to death with alien abduction references. Oh, speaking of…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.