General Sports Complaints

Yep, you see the topic and you’re not intrigued. But I assure you, you may enjoy this blog. If not, then you didn’t waste too much time. “Why’s that?” you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s me that’s writing. And what’s more worthy of your eyes and time than my blog? Nothing. (Yeah, there’s no narcissism or arrogance here or anything.)

So, here are a few complaints, suggestions, questions, and other ramblings for the important sports leagues out there.

Complaint for the NFL: Your season is far too short. Seventeen weeks just doesn’t cut it. It’s literally four months. Basketball starts near the end of October and goes through the middle of April. That’s near six months. Hockey overlaps for about the same amount of time. Baseball goes from April to October. All I’m asking for is two more weeks. That’s not a lot, is it?

Suggestion for the NFL: Three strikes = Castration. Enough said.

Complaint for the MLB: Please cut your season by one week and add another round in the playoffs. I mean, four teams from each league playing for the World Series bites. There’s really no ‘upset’ when you have the sole wild card team going to the World Series. Besides, the Yankees may like it better if they could be in the playoffs every year. (Even if I hate that idea.)

Complaint for the MLB: Random drug tests. And when I say random, I mean daily. I’m tired of rooting for Mark McGuire and then seeing “Positive for Steroids”. Shoot, I’m tired of rooting for anyone and seeing that. (I personally believe that Barry Bonds did take steroids, despite what he may say. Look at the man. Skinny in the nineties, huge in the 2000s? If it was fat, he would have hit grounders to the pitcher.)

Suggestion for the MLB: Realign your AL divisions. We’re getting tired of New York and Boston always being at the top. Either that, or put them in their own two-team division where only one of them can make it to the playoffs.

Complaint for the NBA: Your playoffs are too long. By the time the second round comes, I’m bored. Round one should be best 3 out of 5. Round two should be as well. Save the 4-out-of-7s for the Conference championships and the finals. And since I’m on the playoffs, you’ve got too much time for each round. If game 1 is on a Monday, game 2 should be on Tuesday, game 3 on Thursday, game 4 on Friday, game 5 of Saturday, game 6 on Monday, and game 7 on Tuesday. 1, 2, 6, and 7 go to higher rank team while 3, 4, and 5 go to lower rank team. Come on!

Complaint for the NFL: The Los Angeles area is in need of a team. Jacksonville and Detroit need to get rid of theirs. Gee, how hard is this. Now, before my sister starts putting up the “We don’t those f@#$ing Jaguars/Lions” signs, a mascot change is perfectly acceptable and they look like a new team. I mean Cleveland Browns becoming the Baltimore Ravens doesn’t seem too bad.

Reminder for the NHL: Still haven’t watched any of your games. Still don’t plan on it. (Even in 1995 when I tried to get into the NHL, it failed. But go L.A. Kings!)

Questions for the NCAA: 96-team tournament? Are ya nuts?

Complaint for the BCS: 16- or 32-team tournament. Wow! It’s amazing. People hate you, you realize that, right? Especially since Boise State and TCU played each other in a ‘bowl’ game. And after Utah’s impressive win in 2009, you are vain, prideful, and greedy and deserve to be a part of my suggestion for the NFL with one more strike.

Reminder for the Utah Jazz:  I don’t think Satan’s going to need that sweater this year. Maybe next year?

Question for the Kansas City Royals: If we built you a stadium with a roof on it, would you move to Salt Lake? I mean, KC isn’t doing you much good.

Complaint for the St. Louis Rams: Move home!

Complaint for Brett Favre: Retire! Are you going to throw another interception at the end of a game in an NFC championship? I really hope you do if you get there. (You’re already a hall-of-famer becoming more and more like a hall-of-lamer.)

Complaint for the Los Angeles Dodgers: What the !@$%@#$%^%&^%&%$^%$^$^%$^#$&*#$$%%^ are you doing?

Complaint for the Los Angeles Lakers: Yeah right! Like I have a complaint for a team that’s so awesome right now! (Seriously though, don’t let the Thunder rattle you too much.)

I’ll be at LDStorymakers all day Friday and most of Saturday. I’ll post my thoughts on Monday. Until then…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


In the Public Eye

I hated the Bulls for taking the reign of ‘awesome NBA team’ from the Lakers in the 90s (thankfully, my Lakers took it back). But I do have to say, Michael Jordan was an awesome basketball player. His skill on the court was unmatchable (kinda still is.) But one misstep in his life did cause Jordan some problems. He cheated on his wife and paid the chick off to keep it quiet….

And then there’s Tiger Woods, who is named one of the greatest golfers for the past decade or so. A lot can be said for Tiger’s skill in hitting a golf ball into a hole. However, his recent mishap with his wife, leading him into a tree, is still fresh on the public’s mind. And come on, his wife was a lot hotter than the chick he cheated with, no offense to the mistress…

A few years ago, I became enthralled with a rookie quarterback named Ben Roethlisberger. He was able to take Pittsburgh through a near perfect season before losing in the playoffs to New England. In the past year, “Big Ben” has had two run-ins with the law concerning immoral conduct. His respectability has dropped a lot more than he would have expected…

And then there’s this guy, Jon Gosselin, who had his own reality show with his wife. When he admitted ‘cheating’ there was a lot of ‘I don’t blame him.’ Shoot, I still didn’t blame him. Of course, I would’ve got divorced from Kontrolling Kate (mispelling on purpose) before having a ‘partying life.’ Maybe he didn’t want his own show. Maybe he didn’t want the spotlight. Or maybe he used it just too much.

So, let’s look at these four men. One was a respectable NBA star, one a respectable PGA star, one a respectable NFL star, and one a nonrespected Reality TV star. It’s interesting to see that those in good graces fell far from their ‘respectable level’ in society. And yet, the one that was already deemed a ‘loser’ was only slightly further dissed. It’s funny that his wife seemed to get more flack than him from his indiscretions.

Moral of the story: if you have the positive public eye, be careful what you do with it. Everyone’s always watching. Yeah, it’s your life. But we’re human and we judge, even if we don’t mean too. If you have negative public eye, it doesn’t seem to get worse? Funny enough, I still respect Jordan, Woods, and Roethlisberger more than I ever will Jon Gosselin. If that ever changes, look for Satan wearing a sweater.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

Evil Goals Are Working

So, picking teams isn’t my forté….or is it?

In my picks on Saturday morning, I went 1-3 in the Midwest (Wow!), 3-1 in the East, 2-2 in the West, and 3-1 in the South. That’s a total of 9-7 for round two and an overall score of 34-14. That’s not too bad. We’ll see if I can do better this round.


#5 Michigan St vs #9 Northern Iowa: I’m guessing Michigan State is relieved that they’re not playing Kansas. However, both MSU and NIU had tough second round games……I really don’t want to pick because I can see this going either way. But since I’m making myself pick, I’m shooting for the underdog of Northern Iowa and their new 20 million fans.

#2 Ohio St vs #6 Tennessee: Ohio St hasn’t seemed to struggle much. They’re on my list of ‘teams I don’t want to win’, but I’m going to pick them because I think it’s the safer choice.


#1 Kentucky vs #12 Cornell: I’d love to pick Cornell just to have a #12 seed in the Elite Eight. I’m going to go with Kentucky though. And hope that my evil plan of not picking teams I’d rather win will continue (Northern Iowa made it.)

#2 West Virginia vs #11 Washington: I picked against Washington in round 1. My cousin Mike told me I was wrong. Washington won. I picked against Washington in round 2. My cousin Mike told me I was wrong. Washington won. Maybe if I keep picking against them, Washington will win the tournament. To Mike’s dismay, I pick West Virginia.


My work bracket has none of these teams in the Sweet Sixteen: FAIL. But I’ll pick on the two games anyway.

#1 Syracuse vs #5 Butler: Am I surprised that these two teams are playing one another? Yep. Will I be surprised when my boss, who knows nothing about NCAA basketball wins our office brackets because she picked Syracuse to win it all? Nope. I’m thinking Syracuse suddenly looks like the team to beat.

#2 Kansas St vs #6 Xavier: Part of me really wants to pick Xavier. Well, shoot, maybe I’ll annoy myself and do it anyway. I’m picking Xavier to be the team to challenge Syracuse in the Elite Eight.


#1 Duke vs #4 Purdue: I hate Duke. Always have. Not a Tarheel fan either. They can have their rivalry. My wife’s grandfather went to Purdue. I have a co-worker who went there. So obviously, I have to pick Duke because I don’t want them to win.

#3 Baylor vs #10 St. Mary’s: I’d love to pick St. Mary’s. But, I’m going with what I read and hope that Baylor continues their winning streak against teamst-seeded-lower-than-8.

There we have it. My Elite Eight from this blog would be: Northern Iowa, Ohio St., Kentucky, West Virginia, Syracuse, Xavier, Duke, Baylor.

Saturday I’ll post my results that everyone will be mocking. Between now and then, hopefully a few fun writing prompts along with some awesome random stuff.

I Can Admit It

Yep, I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. There were 32 games Thursday and Friday and it’s time to come up with a record of how well I did for round one. By region, here are how my picks went: West 5-3, South 7-1, Midwest 6-2, East 7-1. I’m sure my cousin’s going to rub it in my face that I’d have a perfect East bracket if I had picked Washington over Marquette. Yeah, he was right. I really should have. I wanted to. But come on, wasn’t it a wild too days? I mean a lot of underdogs played great and almost made it to round too: my mind initially is thinking of Wofford and Robert Morris. Well, time to pick for round 2:


#1 Kansas vs #9 Northern Iowa: I don’t see Kansas not making the Sweet Sixteen. Northern Iowa’s low-scoring game against an equally matched UNLV gives me some thought that Kansas isn’t going to have too tough of a time here. But, maybe they will. I’m still picking Kansas.

#4 Maryland vs #5 Michigan St.: This one is tough. I really want to pick Michigan St., but Maryland is one of those few teams that didn’t seem to have an extremely difficult time getting by round one. I’m picking the Terps.

#6 Tennessee vs #14 Ohio: I’d really like to know what the odds were for this matchup? No, I wanted to know how many people really picked Ohio to go to round two? They not only won, they embarrassed Georgetown (a school I really don’t like anyway). I’m going to pick Ohio and hope that a #14 seed makes it to the Sweet Sixteen this year.

#2 Ohio State vs #10 Georgia Tech: I’m going to hope for Ohio vs Ohio State here. I don’t like Ohio State, a lot of people know that. But I don’t think Georgia Tech can beat them here.


#1 Kentucky vs #9 Wake Forest: I would love to pick the Demon Deacons. But I think that if Kentucky’s going to lose before the Final Four, it’ll be against West Virginia. That’s just my thought. Going with Kentucky.

#4 Wisconsin vs #12 Cornell: Ah, another round 2 game that I picked would happen. Of course, enough people were picking Cornell that it didn’t become an upset for them to win. Wisconsin’s tough time against Wofford (who I had never heard of and found myself rooting for) makes me pick Cornell.

#3 New Mexico vs #11 Washington: Hmmm….I was sorry I didn’t pick Washington in the first round, should I go that route again? Yeah, I’m going to pick New Mexico. (Not that I don’t like Washington, I just want to see the Mountain West do well this tournament.)

#2 West Virginia vs #10 Missouri: I was so happy to see that my Mizzou pick over Clemson happened. But, Mizzou’s not going to like that I’m going to puck West Virginia in this one.


#1 Syracuse vs #8 Gonzaga: This is the game that I go against a huge majority (at least, I think I am.) I’m picking Gonzaga here. Syracuse had an awesome first half of the season and a good first round game. But I think there’s an upset in the making here.

#5 Butler vs #13 Murray St: I don’t like either school because they killed my ESPN brackets. Butler had too easy of a time with UTEP, sadly enough. I do think they’ll win here, but Murray St won’t make it easy.

#3 Pitt vs #6 Xavier: Yeah, I picked Xavier going out in round one. Well, nothing against them, but I’ll pick them going out in round 2.

#2 Kansas St. vs #7 BYU: Someone at ESPN named 5 things that people shouldn’t be surprised about. Butler beating UTEP was one of them. BYU beating Kansas St was another. I’m actually going to pick Kansas St here. Why? BYU had a tough time making it to the second round against Florida on Thursday. Now they’re the lower seeded team against a really good Kansas St team. Sorry Cougar fans. (Although, I do have a bracket where BYU takes it all just because I think it’s possible given the right upsets).


#1 Duke vs #8 California: I think Duke is the second #1 team to exit this tournament. But, I think that it comes in the Sweet Sixteen. So, I actually choose Duke (going against all my California pride as well as my dislike for Duke.)

#4 Purdue vs #5 Texas A&M: I’d love to shove it in my co-workers face if Purdue loses to the same team that beat USU. Unfortunately, I’m sure he’s going to rub it in mine when Purdue wins. So, I’m actually going to go with Purdue and move on.

#3 Baylor vs #11 Old Dominon: Rule #1 in my tournament predictions is always this: Do not pick Notre Dame. And I didn’t. See, I was right. We’ll see if I’m right again as I’m actually picking Baylor.

#2 Villanova vs #10 St. Mary’s: Wow, I really want to pick St. Mary’s and go against all my ESPN brackets. I do think that Robert Morris scared ‘nova enough to make them play like the #2 seed that they are. I’m going to say that it’s going to be a tough one for Villanova, but they’ll be able to pull it off.

Ok, there are my round two picks. We’ll see how well I do. For round one my overall record is: 25-7. Not bad, a C+

The Ides of March Madness Part II

Yesterday I gave my predictions of the West and South round one games. Today I’ll be doing the Midwest and East games.

So, let’s start with the Midwest:

#1 Kansas vs #16 Lehigh: Kansas, enough said.

#8 UNLV vs #9 Northern Iowa: I’m going to have to say that even though the Runnin’ Rebels lost to San Diego St in the Mountain West finals, that this team is still hot. UNLV.

#5 Michigan St vs #12 New Mexico St: Part of me wants to say that New Mexico St will win. But I don’t see that upset really coming. They sought revenge against Utah State in the WAC finals. Michigan St is just a better team. It could be tight if New Mexico gets in a good groove in the second half.

#4 Maryland vs #13 Houston: I think it’d be a good upset for Houston. But I think the Terps have this one.

#6 Tennessee vs #11 San Diego St: San Diego St is my sleeper team of the Final Four. If any #11 team makes it to the end, it’s going to be them. Big schools Minnesota and Washington are decent teams, but San Diego St is on fire.

#3 Georgetown vs #14 Ohio: If San Diego St beats Tennessee they’d have a tough time beating Georgetown because I’m sure that’s who they’d have to play.

#7 Oklahoma St. vs #10 Georgia Tech: I’m expecting Oklahoma St to show that they’re better than people give them credit for. I just don’t expect them to do it here. I actually pick the upset for Georgia Tech.

#2 Ohio St vs #15 UC Santa Barbara: I’d love to pick UC Santa Barbara to be the biggest upset of the NCAA tournament. But I’m a bit of a realist. Ohio St is sadly going to win. IF UCSB wins this one, I’m betting they’d win the second round as well.


#1 Kentucky vs #16 East Tennessee St.: Kentucky, good enough answer for you?

#8 Texas vs #9 Wake Forest: I don’t think a 9 beating an 8 is an upset. Nor have I thought any team beating a team with one ranking higher than them is an upset. Wake Forest beating Texas shouldn’t be deemed an upset if it happens, which I’m predicting.

#5 Temple vs #12 Cornell: For some reason, I’m going to say Cornell. This is an upset.

#4 Wisconsin vs #13 Wofford: I don’t think I’ve heard of Wofford before this? Where is it? Anyone know? You’ll have to be quick because Wisconsin’s knocking them out of the tournament in round 1.

#6 Marquette vs #11 Washington: I’d love to pick the Huskies. But I’m going to say that Marquette has the better shot here.

#3 New Mexico vs #14 Montana: Hmm…….New Mexico with their #3 ranking will be out in round two against Marquette. Which means I’m saying they get to round two.

#7 Clemson vs #10 Missouri: I don’t know why. The last few years I’ve picked Missouri as a final four contender. This year, I’m not. No round two for ole Mizzou.

#2 West Virginia vs #15 Morgan St.: I’m going to guess that my brother-in-law would be annoyed if I picked this as the big upset of the tourney. So I’m going to sit comfortably and say West Virginia will take this one.

That’s it for round 1. I’ll be doing a blog Saturday morning (hopefully) for my round 2 picks.

Any thoughts on where I’m off from either day?

Beware the Ides of March Madness

So, I’m hopefully not going to be too boring with posts this week. Each round of the NCAA tournament I’m going to make my pics. I’m going to do half the first round today and half tomorrow. And, I intend to do another post today on some random useless subject.

For today, I’m going to give my Round 1 predictions in two of the brackets: West and South. Why? Well, because BYU and USU are in those brackets. That’s why.


#1 Syracuse vs #16 Vermont: Um…out of all four #1 teams, I think Syracuse is most likely to lose in round one. But this still won’t be the year that it happens. I pick Syracuse.

#8 Gonzaga vs #9 Florida St.: I’m very big on rooting for #9 teams. But for some reason, I’ve gotta go with Gonzaga. I’m not sure why. I think it’s their name.

#5 Butler vs #12 UTEP: I’m calling upset here. I pick UTEP by a point or two. There’s usually a random 11th, 12th, or 13th seed that takes a round one game. This is one that I think will succeed.

#4 Vanderbilt vs #13 Murray St.: I’m going with Vandy here. Part of me wants to call a second upset, but it’s just not happening IMO.

#6 Xavier vs #11 Minnesota: First, I think this should be #6 BYU. But, I think Minnesota’s going to pull this one off. It’s one of the three Big 10 schools I’ve been interested to go to. (Ohio State is NOT one of those 3. Wisconsin and Michigan are the other two)

#3 Pittsburgh vs #14 Oakland: It sounds like an AFC championship game to me. And, as I would in that circumstance, I’m picking Pitt.

#2 Kansas St. vs. #15 North Texas: I think Kansas St is hot and can take the West, much to BYU fans disapproval.

#7 BYU vs. #10 Florida: Ordinarily, I’d go with Florida. But ordinarily, I’d think that Florida would be a #3 seed team. Since this isn’t their shining season, I’m going to hope that BYU doesn’t follow ‘tradition’ and do a round-one choke (especially since I think San Diego State with their MWC championship and lowest seed is most likely to lose round one from their conference). BYU should win this one. That’s a strong ‘should.’ (BTW: I’m not a huge BYU fan. I do root for them over the Univ of Utah, but never over Utah State).


#1 Duke vs #16 (Does it matter): I’m just going to say Duke and move on.

#8 California vs #9 Louisville: I’m picking Cal for this one. They’ve been a pretty good school in the big sports lately.

#5 Texas A&M vs #12 Utah State: Utah State chokes in this tournament far too often. But, I can’t pick A&M, so I’m going to pick Utah State as the year that they don’t let their ranking hurt them. Seriously, losing to Arizona a few years back wasn’t a big deal since it was a 3 vs 14 seed game and Utah State had it tied at the half. I think this newer team can do some more damage than people believe. They should’ve taken the WAC, but were a little tired I’m sure and NM St. was seeking revenge.

#4 Purdue vs #13 Siena: I really want to see Utah State beat A&M and then have Purdue beat Siena and then see USU beat Purdue. My co-worker went to Purdue and something to rub in his face would be awesome. So, I’m picking Purdue.

#6 Notre Dame vs #11 Old Dominion: In all my fun picks, I never pick the Fighting Irish. And since some seriousness has been set aside, I’m picking Old Dominion.

#3 Baylor vs #14 Sam Houson St.: I’m just going to say that Baylor is going to almost be upset, but make it to the next round.

#7 Richmond vs #10 Saint Mary’s: I am going to go with Saint Mary’s. Because I think they’re better? No. Because it’s got my wife’s name in there? Absolutely.

#2 Villanova vs #15 Robert Morris: I’m just going to say Nova and end this post.

Ok, what do you think? Besides ‘don’t care’ or ‘where’s UCSB?’ (both comments I expect some people to say).