The Amazing Race: LDS Authors

Guess what, it’s time for fake-reality-show-with-LDS-Authors! Why? Because I did this last year after Storymakers. And you know what, it’s just a fun tradition.

First: A little about the Emmy winning Amazing Race. Teams of 2 (usually 11-12 of them) race around the world solving clues and arriving at pit stops with mandatory 12 hours of rest. The last team to arrive at a pit stop is out of the race. So without further ado, my awesome cast list for The Amazing Race: LDS Authors

Before we get to the teams, I’ve decided that this show needs a good host. So I’ve chosen my agented friend Graham Bradley.

1. Team Wells: Robison Wells and Dan Wells. I put them in order of first novel published. Who wouldn’t want to watch the Wells brothers sparring off with one another? Threats of demons and weird schools coming up. And they can argue on who’s the better author agented by Sara Crowe.

2. Team Short and Sweet: Sarah Eden and Annette Lyon: (Yes Sarah, there is an order here.) This is probably the fan favorite team. Sarah constantly cracking short jokes and her expense, Annette freaking out that the clues misused the phrase “Couldn’t care less”. It’d just be awesome!

3. Team Dudes: James Dashner and Jeff Savage: I really see this being the lazy team who still manages to get by. And it’d be entertaining to watch James go to Greece and see his book at the airport and stop and admire it. (Well, he may do that.)

4. Team Awesomesauce: Elana Johnson and Nichole Giles: Elana’s Possession comes out soon. Oh wait, not why I’m talking about them. Elana and Nichole are seriously two of the nicest and awesomest people I know. And how could I not include my fellow reality-show loving fan, Elana? And how could I not have a ‘Team Awesomesauce’?

5. Team No Excuse: Brandon Sanderson and Howard Tayler: This will be one of the funniest teams to watch. They’d also be a pretty strong team and would have the other contestants gunning to get rid of them quickly.

6. Team Busy Bees: Josi Kilpack and Julie Wright: These two awesome authors are just so busy that it would be funny to see them be forced to sit still at an airport (without children or spouses to be worried about).

7. Team Mysterious: Stephanie Black and Traci Abramson: Both Whitney Award nominated women. The stay at home mom and the former CIA agent. Sounds like a tv show in and of itself actually.

8. Team Man-Cave: Abel Keogh and David West: Both awesome guys. Both manly-men. (Okay, that didn’t sound awkward or anything.) But both these guys are awesome and I can see them making a great team for this faux competition.

9. Team Fergie: John Ferguson and Danyelle Ferguson: Yes, I know John isn’t really a published author. But Danyelle is and she needs a great partner. So I chose her husband John. Deal with it! Also, John is hilarious and I think it’d be funny watching him race around the world. Danyelle is also sweet enough to put up with all the shenanigans he’d try do.

10. Team Siblingesque: Don Carey and Krista Jensen: Don and Krista aren’t siblings. But they do show that they’re friends. They could tolerate each other long enough for this competition. (No, Krista isn’t published, but she is under contract. Close enough in my book.)

11. Team Random: Marion Jensen and Tyler Whitesides: I know Marion already thinks that his partner should be Matthew Buckley. But there has to be four feet running, not two in this game. These guys are random, awesome, and cool. I think that’s all I can say for this team. Both funny guys. But you know what, this would be the quietest team I bet.

So, last time, I named the final 5. This time, we’re gonna go with the final three.

And they are, in no particular order: Team Busy Bees, Team Mysterious, and Team Random! I think Busy Bees just would have the drive to get to the end. Mysterious has the intelligence factor in their favor. And Random, well, because they’re random.

And my pick for The Amazing Race: LDS Authors winner:


Why? I don’t see either woman ever giving up. (Not that anyone else would be giving up.) I also see them as fairly fit and ready to go on a race around the world.

Okay, that’s it. Next year, what will I come up with? You’ll have to wait and see. As always:

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


10 Favorite Survivors That Didn’t Win

Ok, the Survivor finale is upon us and it’s been a while since I wrote a Survivor blog. It is, after all, my favorite tv show. And that’s why it’s so important to analyze this topic.

First, I’m going to specify what qualifies for this honorary spot. (Come on, it’s one of my top 10 lists, of course it’s honorary.) They had to be in at least the final 4 or be in the final 5 that was featured in the final episode (like Survivor: Cook Islands).

10. Rupert (Survivor: All-Stars): He was, at that time, one of my favorite Survivors. (Stupidity ruined him and the heroes in H vs V. And you know what, Sandra prediction when she voted him out was so poetic and awesome.) Rupert got screwed over in Pearl Islands. His return to Survivor and alliance gave him a good shot to the end. And then he got screwed over by a chick named Jenna who feared a purple rock.

9. Yau-Man (Survivor: Fiji): No one was more awesome at being ‘old man on the island’. His vote out at the final four was one of my least favorite moments in one of Survivors worst seasons.

8. Jeri (Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains): The original black widow. Yeah, she got 9th in All-Stars, but she got revenge on Colby and Tina in All-Stars. Then she got revenge on Boston Rob in Heroes vs Villains. Can we get a Survivor: Masters where she can get revenge on Russell? (And see Sandra win a 3rd-million dollars?) But, Jeri was very likable in Heroes vs Villains, even as a villain.

7. Stephen (Survivor: Tocantins): Before that final tribal council, I was rooting for Stephen to win. Seriously, it was like a breakup to the Stephen/JT bromance. But, Stephen used his wit to get to that final tribal. He didn’t use his physical prowess, believe me. Did you see him run?

6. Terry (Survivor: Exile Island): Terry got screwed over. Well, kinda. He saved Danielle. She screwed him over. He would’ve won if he kept winning immunity. (He was a little whiny in the end and I doubt Aras would’ve voted for him.) But still, Terry was a good possibility of winning the game.

5. Eliza (Survivor: Vanuatu): Seriously, she should’ve won just because of her eyes. Getting screwed over in Vanuatu wasn’t cool. And honestly, why don’t people like this chick out there? Just cause she’s smart enough not to get a boyfriend out there (of course, it worked for Parvati, but that chick just flirts with anything that moves.)

4. Cirie (Survivor: Exile Island & Survivor: Fans vs Favorites): A final 4 finish and a final 3 finish for this woman who claims that all she did was sit on the couch most days. Come on, how is Cirie not awesome?

3. Elizabeth (Survivor: Australia): Yeah, I know that a lot of people look down on her for being a right-wing-Republican. Of course, I’m mostly right-wing myself, but that’s not why I liked Elizabeth. She was sweet, kind, and mostly innocent during her game. Many people wanted to see her win that final 4 immunity. Also, she’s the only contestant in the final 4 to make it 39 days and not be on the finale. Just a thought. (Stupid 42-day season.)

2. Amanda (Survivor: China and Fans vs Favorites): Back-to-back Survivors. Back-to-back final tribal councils. 78 straight days of playing Survivor. And back-to-back losses. Honestly, one reason I like Amanda so much is that my four-year old (who was 2 during Fans vs Favorites) would see Amanda on the screen and say “Daddy, it’s Amanda!”

1. Rob Cesternino (Survivor: Amazon): I picked Rob to win from the very beginning of the game. And he almost did. He’s dubbed the ‘smartest player not to win’ the game. Nothing in me disagrees with that. Rob has always been one of my favorite Survivors. But I’d never want to play the game with him. For some reason, I’d fear him stabbing me in the back.

I’ll get back to writing about writing. But I’ll have to worry about that later. I just wanted to talk about Survivor so you didn’t forget about my love of the game I will probably never play since I’m not sexy enough for them.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

Survivor: LDS Author Style

Ok, I’ve thought of this before, but I’m actually going to write it down and give it ‘character’ in more ways than one. My new goal (one that will never happen) is to be the host of Survivor: LDS Authors. Why? Who cares? I live in a make believe world in my mind where I’m actually cool. Deal with it.

Anyway, I’m combining two of my favorite things here: the television series Survivor along with, well, my joy in stalking LDS Authors? (I don’t know, whatever. This is a fun post, not a serious one. Again, I’m cool in my head.) And with that, comes Survivor: LDS Authors, which takes place in either Moab or Sundance. Depending on when it happens and where the weather is worse. (Note: worse weather = location).

Well, who do I have on my tribes, you may be wondering? Well, of course that’s what this post is about. Pretty much, everyone is getting some more advertising from me. Shoot, one of these people is actually not published. One day she will be, but she just fits the dynamic of this group. Anyway, without further ado, I give you the two tribes of Survivor: LDS Authors.

Nephi Tribe:
Brandon Sanderson: How can I not put in one of my favorite presenters? Will he be able to outlast the 19 other contestants with his witty repartee and separate the game from fantasy from reality? Hmmm…..
Aprilynne Pike: It was honestly difficult putting Brandon on the same team as Aprilynne. But, the other option I had in this slot was too big of a name and this tribe would be the ‘famous’ tribe just for having those two together. But Aprilynne is just as funny as Brandon. (Too bad, unless I’m way off, she’s pregnant and can’t do it. Again, this game is in my mind and she’s not with child there.)
Robison Wells: He’s a pretty funny guy. Wrote books mocking LDS culture, in a way. Well, not completely. But he does joke a lot. This tribe is sure to be laughing just from the first three people I named. Yeah, Robison’s books aren’t as big as his big brother’s are right now, but just wait to see the other tribe.
Sarah M. Eden: Well, ok, maybe this is should be the ‘Jokes-a-lot’ Tribe. Sarah Eden has personality, humor. Plus, she’s short and may be able to hide from people if they want to vote her out. “Where’d Sarah go? Did we already vote her out? Ok then, time to vote for ___” (Just kidding, Sarah).
J. Scott Savage: Another funny guy. His advantage: People won’t know whether to write Jeff or Scott when they want to vote him out. They’ll be so confused, they’ll probably vote out somebody else.
Josi Kilpack: Everyone I met that met her, loves her, thinks she’s awesome. Whatever. Either way, she’s a worthy member for this tribe. And the titles of her books make me laugh. (Or hungry, whatever.)
Jerry Borrowman: (I honestly didn’t know whether or not Jerry had a website for me to link to until I googled it for this blog.) Jerry is the token ‘old guy’ who’s also very cool. Honestly, listening to his comments during the class on internet marketing was enjoyable. Everyone will love him.
Annette Lyon: She’s bubbly, fun, and awesome. And….she’s a word nerd. Ought to make for an entertaining bunch.
Marion Jensen: (aka Matthew Buckley) He’s as hilarious as the rest. And, to top that off, he’s pretty random. I always enjoy some randomness.
Elana Johnson: I hope I linked to her blog. If not…oh well. Here is my special guest, up-and-coming author. Elana is awesome (per reading her posts to our writers group) and anyone who was rejected 180 times in a year and still was asked to teach about “Writing a Killer Query” deserves a spot on a tribe.

Well, that’s the Nephi Tribe. Now to my other tribe.

Moroni Tribe:
Stephenie Meyer: Um….duh! How can I not put in the current most famous LDS Author in the world. Really? Young women (and a lot of other women) would literally punch me if she didn’t make it on a tribe. But I couldn’t have her with Brandon Sanderson….the fame would be too high on that tribe.
James Dashner: What? You didn’t put him first? You didn’t bow to him and say “Here’s the prize for winning”? Nope, I’m not going to do that. If he wins Survivor: LDS Authors he needs to earn it. Now, if we put an endless maze as a competition for them to play in….
Jessica Day George: Now both tribes have fiery fun redheads. Jessica has a lot of flair for sticking to her opinion (just listen to her guest spots on the writing excuses podcasts this season.
Dan Wells: (You google Dan Wells and you get pics of some shirtless guy? Weird, strange, and random.) Speaking of Writing Excuses, it’s because of that ‘show’ that Dan Wells is not on the other tribe. Well, that along with the fact that his younger brother is there as well. Talk about auto-alliance.
Bree Despain: She seemed pretty chummy with Aprilynne at LDStorymakers. Hence the reason that she’s not on the other tribe. But, everyone that talked to her that I talked to seemed to like her. So, it follows that she’s a worthy member of this tribe.
Howard Tayler: (If he comes to my blog, I hope he notices how accurate I spell his name.) It was difficult putting the third ‘writing excuses’ member on the same tribe with Dan Wells or Brandon Sanderson. Reason I’m ok putting him here even though there may be an auto-alliance with Dan: Howard is most likely to vote every single person in this game off without meaning it personal because he’d be ‘playing the game’. At least, that’s my opinion. Plus, he’s got the best skills out of every person in the game.
Julie Wright: She’s funny and fun. That makes her a good addition. I don’t think I’ve seen her not smile. Maybe she’d smile getting voted out.
Brandon Mull: Yeah, I’m putting him in this list a little late. Regardless, we’re talking about someone whose fame is pretty high. He actually makes this tribe one with the ‘bigger fame’ along with Stephenie, Dashner, and everyone else.
Rachel Ann Nunes: My wife loves her books. She’s very original. (And pregnant, so there’s a problem there again.) But Rachel is normally funny and smiling as well. She and Julie would have a good alliance if all they had to do was smile.
David J. West: And the final member of the Moroni tribe is a new up-and-coming author. Unlike Elana, he is already published prior to me posting this. But he’s a cool guy (and someone that I’ve gotten to know personally who is really cool.)

Wow! What a great set of two tribes. I mean, honestly, I’d watch it if they were to do it. Just to see them compete and vote each other out, it’d be pretty fun. So, who do I think would win? My top 5 candidates are: Howard Tayler, Sarah Eden, Jerry Borrowman, Marion Jensen, and Julie Wright. Why? Well, like I said for Howard, he’s most likely to play it as a game and not take anything personal. Sarah Eden and Jerry Borrowman are strong underdogs, which make them so likeable that they’ll win. Marion Jensen seems to be one with the ace up his sleeve and will calmly get to the end. And Julie Wright? I don’t know, just gut instinct. I know, I know, I didn’t say Dashner. But, like Howard Tayler once said during a writing excuses podcast: “This isn’t the James Dashner show”. Because of my fandom of Dashner, people would probably vote him out to spite me.

Who do you think will win? And why? Leave a comment below. If I had something to give away, I would. Maybe one day I can give away my book when someone else publishes it or I can get sponsors and give their books away. (hint, hint, wink, wink)

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

Life, The Universe, and Everything That is Cool

Before I get to my awesome experience at LTUE this past weekend, I have to say I was extremely shocked to find out that I had 29 hits on my Survivor post on Friday. Why? Well this site called AXINEWS had linked to my blog. Why? Yeah, I had trouble figuring it out. But then I realized that my last blog references three key words that were popular to Survivor fans on Thursday night/Friday. Those words were “Boston” “Rob” and “Injury”. No where in my blog did the three words go together. Boston Rob was mentioned once, maybe twice, and injury was probably mentioned six or seven times. I don’t care, people came to my blog, probably got disappointed or were bored enough to read it, and left.

Last Friday and Saturday I had the awesome opportunity to be in with a large group of writers at LTUE. It was definitely an experience that was well worth it. I got to hear remarks from the remarkable Brandon Sanderson. He cracks me up. (It’s even funnier that I’ve only read 60 pages of Mistborn and nothing else. But I know that I don’t have to read all his books to know that he’s brilliant. Mistborn, by the way, is the next book I plan on reading.) It was great to hear him mock James Dashner, who wrote The Maze Runner. The Maze Runner was my favorite book that I read last year. Because of this conference, I heard the name Dan Wells for the first time. But in late March I hope to purchase his first book “I Am Not a Serial Killer.” The guy is pretty cool. I also got to hear up and coming John D. Brown, author of Servant of a Dark God. That is also on my list of books to read. Larry Correia, though freaky, had his books added to my wish list for reading. Right now, though, I’m reading Brandon Mull’s 4th Fablehaven book in preparation for the release of the 5th and final book in that series. And I discovered that Howard Tayler’s online webcomic, Schlock Mercenary is going to become my new timewaster website. Just don’t tell him that I think it’s going to be a ‘timewaster’ website. I got to hear L.E. Modesitt speak a few times as well. I’d read his books, but I’m such a slow reader that I’ll have attended 5 conferences by the time I get to finish the books already in my queue.

So, the best things that happened for me while at the symposium:
5. I met Lisa Mangum, an editor at Deseret Book/Shadow Mountain. We had a great discussion that helped inspire me to come up with a two sentence pitch for Eli and the Amethyst.
4. I ran into an old acquaintance of mine, Canon, and this artist Daxton Leavitt. Canon is a talented artist, and if I could get published, I would love to have him do the artwork for my book. Especially if Shadow Mountain is the publisher.
3. Listening to Dan Wells speak about the 7 main plot points to a novel helped me in preparations to undertake the next book I plan to write (or rewrite, whatever). But I understand this thought process better than I did before. That makes it great.
2. I had a few occasions to talk to James Dashner. That man is my hero in terms of authors. I’m not 100% sure why. I think it’s because he’s got the right amount of arrogance mixed in with a huge amount of humor and a touch of humility.
1. Listening to the live taping of the Writing Excuses podcast was awesome. What made it better was that I got to ask a question in one of the two live (insert proper term for podcast taping here). I think my question for the authors (Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells with special guest James Dashner) was something like “Who would be an author that you would not recommend?” I think my question ended up being a little meaner than that in the end. It’s awesome to hear who the authors like. I’m also interested in who they don’t like. Brandon Sanderson didn’t want to answer the question (although everyone there knew that he maintains some ill feelings towards Dan Brown. He did give good reasons why he didn’t like “The Da Vinci Code” author. And it had nothing to do with religion, which was nice.) James Dashner got the question diverted to him. It was interesting to hear his dislike of Michael Connelly. My sister-in-law really likes his works. But Dashner had an interesting take on why he didn’t find Connelly very good. (By the way, I’ve tried reading Connelly before. How did that turn out? Let’s just say that if I’m bored by page 2, I’m not going to get to page 200.)

All in all, I had a few reminders that were important in this whole process that I think that every aspiring author should remember.
1) They’re normal. James Dashner is normal. Brandon Sanderson is normal (although I heard the phrase “Brandon’s the exception to the rule” about 20 times during the process.) But yeah, they’re normal. And when that thought reentered my mind, it made it very comfortable to talk to anyone of them.
2) Brandon Mull isn’t a jerk. Now why would I think he was? I haven’t any idea. Somehow, I had this notion that he had too much arrogance and yet, I’d never met him before (just read 3 of his books). So, if he reads this I do wish to say this: Brandon, even though you never knew it and it really doesn’t matter, I don’t think you’re a jerk. I think you’re very respectful. Having gone to a few author signings, I’ve never seen an author take so much time to chat with each fan coming by. Seriously, you are awesome. (Likelihood of Branon Mull reading this blog is about as high as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady putting on tutus and trying out for “So You Think You Can Dance.”)
3) Speaking of Mull, while I was waiting in line, I heard this one kid (sad that I’m calling him a kid when I kinda think he was about 21 and I’m only 28) seeking advice from Mull on becoming a writer. For those of you who don’t know, Brandon Mull tried many agents with a manuscript and got nothing. He tried Shadow Mountain and got “What else you got?” He sent Fablehaven in and got New York Times Bestselling status. He didn’t even have an agent until he had the words “New York Times Bestselling Author” on his resume. But this guy pretty much wanted Brandon to say “Yeah, let me read your stuff and I’ll recommend you to my agent who was forced to find me.” Yeah, I’d love to have pitched Eli and the Amethyst to Brandon Mull and have him say “That’s awesome, let me send that to my agent. I’m sure she/he’ll love it.” I’d love to have Dashner or Sanderson say that. Or better yet, have Lisa Mangum or Tristi Pinkston or Stacy Whitman (who work for publishers) just want to buy it now. That’ll work right.
4) Most LDS authors don’t desire to be preachy in their book. Ok, this one is a little obvious. There are a few preachy books out there that work. They’re normally referred to as ‘scripture’ by some people. If there is a religion in a book written by an LDS author, it’s either published by Deseret Book or Covenant OR it’s got nothing to do with the LDS religion whatsoever. Isn’t it nice to know that Mormons aren’t trying to be preachy in their fiction? (Just a reminder for some.)
5) Stacy Whitman is very passionate about her career. During a regional publishers panel, she defended her occupation to some geezer whose daughter is trying to self-publish because no one’s taking her work. (If they’re not taking it, maybe it’s not perfect. I hate it when parents think their children can do no wrong. Even my mom didn’t think I was perfect. No Apryl, believe me, she didn’t.)

Ok, that’s it. Time for the answer to useless trivia and a new question for today. The answer to Thursday’s trivia is b) Eliza, Christy, and Brian.

If I had to go on a book tour with one of the aforementioned authors (either as a fellow author or as their personal assistant, the answer’s the same), who would it be.
a) Brandon Sanderson
b) James Dashner
c) Dan Wells
d) John Brown


I’m very excited for Survivor tonight. It’s my favorite show. My guilty pleasure. The one thing that is difficult for people to find a way to interrupt me during. And it was very annoying to watch it online all last season. Thank goodness for tv again.

If you missed my other Survivor posts you can check out my thoughts of the current season here and see my ranking of the 19 seasons of Survivor here.

So, Jeff Probst talked the other day about who didn’t make it on this season of Survivor. One of the things that he talked about were the people that were neither Hero nor Villain, but belonged in the ‘What if’ category. I really liked that concept, so I decided to go with the ‘What if’ idea and create two tribes of players that should have gone further in the game and deserve another shot.

In this season, titled Survivor: What If? (yeah, lame, I know) there would be a guy tribe and a girl tribe to start off.

Guys (in alphabetical order)

1. Aaron (Survivor: China). When there was a tribe switch-up, Aaron got voted out. Why? Because the girls threw the challenge just to vote him out. Come on, that sucks.
2. Ace (Survivor: Gabon). Sugar’s a hero? Who knew? Not Ace or Matty. She betrayed them both. She also betrayed Crystal. Gee, guess she’s not so heroic when you look at it. But she’s still very good looking. Anyway, Ace was screwed when he should’ve won the game.
3. Anthony (Survivor: Fiji). Come on, the nerdy kid deserves a shot. I mean, he’s one of those people that gives nerds like me some hope.
4. Brian (Survivor: Guatemala). Again, tribe switch-ups got him voted out. Again, nerdy guy deserves a shot.
5. Hunter (Survivor: Marquesas). He was probably the strongest threat in the game. That’s why he was voted off 4th thanks to Boston Rob’s evil ways.
6. Jeff (Survivor: Palau). Of course, I’m choosing someone who, at the time of his Survivor appearance, lived in Ventura. But, on the same note, he got injured and was voted off due to it. He deserves a shot.
7. Joe (Survivor: Tocantins). Speaking of deserving a shot at the game because of an injury, Joe’s stupid knee was life threatening. He wouldn’t have been the next to go. But it made his old tribe get 1, 2, and 4 respectively.
8. Mike (Survivor: Australia). Injury number 3 on this list. His was the first in the show. Kucha would have won, Pagonged the Ogakor tribe (which would’ve been short Jerri at the merge, duh!). You would’ve seen Jeff, Nick, and Alicia go. Mike would’ve taken 3rd and Elisabeth and Roger in the final two. There’s my dream Survivor right there.
9. Russell (Survivor: Samoa). For Jeff Probst to say that Russell’s medical problem in Samoa was the scariest moment in Survivor history for him, it says a lot. Russell was literally crying as were millions of Americans I’m sure. Well, not his wife, she was freaking out, I’m sure.
10. Ryan S. (Survivor: Pearl Islands). Poor Ryan was screwed from the get go. He’s nerd number 3 on this tribe and he should’ve been the returning member from the Outcast tribe, not Lill.

Honorable Mentions: Andrew (Pearl Islands), Joel (Borneo), Jamie (Guatemala), Marcus (Gabon)

This guy’s tribe has 3 nerds, 4 merge screw-overs, and 4 injuries (Note: Brian counts as a nerd and a merge screw-over). I think they all deserve a second shot. One thing to note, no former jury members. The same is not true of the girl tribe.


1. Amy (Survivor: Guatemala). This chick was another merge screw-over casualty along with Brian. Of course, Gary voted her out too.
2. Betsy (Survivor: Samoa). This is only because Jeff Probst called her the nicest person that shouldn’t have been let go so early in the game. Of course, if I recall Amy and Betsy were both cops. That’d be awesome to see these two on a tribe together.
3. Candace (Survivor: Tocantins). I really don’t know why. I just think Coach screwed her over too quickly.
4. Christy (Survivor: Amazon). Give it up to the deaf chick for getting 6th place. Yep, my first juror member in this ensemble. Why Christy? First, she’s someone who overcame something to get where she was. No, not her disability, the fact that her tribes didn’t like her really. (Yes, Jenna, you’re nice and all, but you hated Christy, admit it.) Not only that, she voted for the person who won the game (Jenna) even though she swore she’d never vote for Heidi or Jenna to win. Jeff asked Jenna and Matt who they thought they got votes from. Matt assumed he got Christy’s. She went out pissed, but ended up losing in style.
5. Eliza (Survivor: Vanuatu). If Jenna was the person voted out instead of Christy in Amazon, then maybe. But Eliza has been on like a million tribes (ok, maybe 6) and doesn’t seem to be liked on any of them. She only got 4th out of necessity. But really, Chris and Julie and her would’ve made a better final three. But Chris deserved to win that season, reversing Jenna’s fortune in Amazon. Anyway, Eliza was screwed in Fans vs Favorites. I would’ve aligned with her.
6. Gretchen (Survivor: Borneo). Um…yeah…she deserved to win that game. Especially for putting up with the 20-year olds.
7. Kim (Survivor: Palau). Hopefully she can ‘not’ go to a tribal council for a change. 4 in a row. Finally gets voted out on the 4th. Plus, she had romantic interest in Jeff. That’d be funny to watch after all these years that they’re not together.
8. Mary (Survivor: Micronesia). Stupid fans tribes. Play the game to win first, then play the strategies. She didn’t deserve to go.
9. Michelle (Survivor: Gabon). Maybe she’ll be able to play the social game better. Maybe join forces with Eliza, Christy, and Kim. She was actually pretty cool.
10. Sylvia (Survivor: Fiji). Like Kim, she was on a losing tribe. Sylvia was an awesome architect. But she definitely deserves another shot for being intelligent.

Honorable Mentions: Lisi (Fiji), Michelle (Fiji), Brianna (Guatemala), Sydney (Tocantins), Lisa (Vanuatu).

So, this tribe is different. You’ve got 2 former jury members that were used and abused (Christy and Eliza). You’ve got two cops that are tough enough to last. You’ve got two girls that were screwed by being on losing tribes. There are three that were just picked off at the beginning for no really good reason that their episodes showed. And you’ve got one that lost because she was a threat and there was an alliance going on (Hatch!).

There it is. Guess what I”m going to be watching tonight.

The answer to the previous useless trivia question is the six-cheese bagel from Einstein’s.

Of the 2 people I named, which three would I align with and take with me to the final four?
a) Betsy, Amy, and Brian
b) Eliza, Christy, and Brian
c) Eliza, Christy, and Jeff
d) Ace, Brian, and Jeff
e) Eliza, Christy, and Michelle

Survivor, Yes, I am still a fan

You know, I’m a huge Survivor fan. Yes, I like the idea of a bunch of people stuck together on an island or some other desolate region mentally and physically battling one another for $1,000,000. If you don’t, that’s your choice. Yeah, one day, I want to be on Survivor. Yeah, I think it’d be a great way to lose 30 pounds. Yeah, I think it’d suck and I’d be deemed the ‘whiniest’ person out there. I don’t care. It’d be fun.

So of course I’ve been following the information concerning Survivor’s Heroes vs Villains season (and thanks to Survivor, I realized that I was misspelling villain most my life). Guess what, you’re in for a week of Survivor blogs. Which probably means that I won’t get as many hits, unless I was famous or something.

Anyway, with this season of Survivor there are twenty former players back for a third time at the game. There are a bunch of interesting facts about the show that would cause me to wonder what my strategy to be if I were going on it.

1) There are 9 people that are playing this game for a third time. If I were here for a second time I’d be thinking “Nuh-uh, you’ve already had too many chances at this game.”

2) Out of 20 people, 12 of them made it all the way to the end. One of those 12 has done it twice in a period of six months. Out of these 12 finalists are 4 winners. My first targets now become the 4 winners and sadly one of my favorite players since she’s been a back-to-back finalist.

3) Even with 12 of the finalists, there are 2 more that made it to the final 4. One of them did it twice (taking 4th, then 3rd).

4) The remaining six have all been on the jury at least once. The reasons for their being voted out of the game, though, were anywhere from threat to unaligned to “I don’t want you to win”.

5) Since Survivor seasons are filmed back-to-back in near locations nowadays, 19 contestants do not know who the 20th is other than the fact that he’s on the ‘Villains’ tribe. I don’t know about you, but that means ‘target’ to me.

6) There are two people, even with Jeff Probst’s explanation, that should be switched for tribes. I don’t believe that Candice is a hero. I don’t really believe that Danielle is one either, but for some reason, kinda think she deserves it more than Candice. What do I know, I don’t run the show. I just obsessively watch it.

7) Speaking of those two, they are the two that I would most like to not see back on Survivor. I think there were other deserving people. Corinne from Gabon (who I found out couldn’t for work reasons, understandable), Shii Ann (even though her All-Stars portrayal wasn’t so villainous), Julie (but maybe that’d be bad for Jeff since they dated and broke-up), Shambo (yeah, she’d be a villain for her betrayals, but her mullet’s gotta go), Peigh-Gee (or however you spell her name), and my all-time favorite Elizabeth (come on, how can you not call her a hero). I don’t know. I just wasn’t happy when I saw that Candice and Danielle were chosen. Oh well, can’t please all the audience. I’d gun for Candice and Danielle just because I thought they were undeserving.

8) I believe that most of those returning are very deserving of their extra shot at $1,000,000. It’s intriguing to see that four of my favorite ‘heroes’ are back (Rupert, JT, Amanda, and Stephenie). Personally, that’s who I’d target out of respect for the player. (Maybe not Rupert.)

9) Almost every villain is someone that I would make an alliance with just to screw over later on in the game. The only two that I wouldn’t would be Courtney and Randy. I don’t really know why on Randy, but because Courtney was such a ‘useless’ player in China that found her way to the end with a pair of votes to boot, she’s worth aligning with.

10) I think Kathy said it best on All-Stars when she commented “I don’t trust any of you” to the three guys on her tribe. When I looked at that tribe (Rich, Colby, Lex, Kathy, Shii-Ann, and Jenna) I thought that I wouldn’t want to trust any of them either. The same goes for all ten villains and half the heroes this season. I mean, even Sugar seemed untrustworthy when she voted for Matt instead of Bob in the end there.

All in all, I’m glad to see an awesome cast of Survivors. So, here goes for my final four pick (which is going to look odd, but I actually like it). Colby, James, Courtney, and Parvati. Yep, it’s random, but hey it works. (I’d like to see Colby vs Courtney for final two. I really don’t know why. Oh well.)

The answer to my useless trivia from Friday is 6. I moved from Oxnard, CA to Logan, UT in Aug 2003. In Logan I moved from my dorm to another dorm, back to my old dorm, got married and moved to another apartment, we switched apartments to have air conditioning, and then we moved to Orem.

Today’s useless trivia question: What is my world series prediction for 2010?
a) Yankees vs Dodgers
b) Red Sox vs Dodgers
c) Indians vs Dodgers
d) Angels vs Dodgers